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My World
Monday, 6 September 2004
Long Time, No Entry!
Tonight I was talking to someone I consider a good friend, and he brought it to my attention that I haven't updated this in a while. He also made me realize how stupid some of the previous entries I got rid of them. Thanks Ryan!

I am now back at BGSU for my second year. So far everything is going well. It's been really nice getting to see everyone again. This year is going to be great, I can already tell! I'm living in my sorority house this year and so far, so good. I'm starting to get to know my roommate better and let me tell you, she cracks me up! I think we're going to have fun living least I hope so. And as far as school goes, I think it's going to be a good semester. All of my classes, minus Bio, are interesting. I think I'm making a good decision by majoring in Sociology...but Criminal Justice might be a good idea too. It wouldn't surprise me if I switched, but we'll see.

I'm at home right now for Labor Day. I haven't really done much, which is alright with me. It's nice to relax once in a while. Although, my mom has to take me, Katie, and Dory back to BG tomorrow because my car is not drivable right now. about frustrating.


So my friend Ryan absolutely cracks me up and can make me laugh no matter what kind of mood I'm in. I got to hang out with him the other night, and he had me laughing the whole time. Not only can he make me laugh in person, but he does a good job online too. Here are a few examples...

(Setting - Mac Grill Saluta Stand)
Jeremy (to Ryan) - You want the greasy rebound sex; no name required.
Ryan - Hey, if you want someone to know your name, go to f*ckin "Cheers"!

Ryan (in response to me saying I'm fat): "You're not fat, there's just more of you."
(Grrr...thanks bro, I appreciate that!)

Rien2244: ANYWAY, what fun (thats right sarcasm) things did you do today
SweetPick03: i did absolutely nothing and it was great!
Rien2244: WOW
Rien2244: they must not have college classes on having a life
Rien2244: hahaha kidding

Oh Ryan, you are too funny...but that's why I love ya! Thanks for making me laugh! :-)

Posted by journal2/nikki7 at 1:24 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 6 September 2004 1:36 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 11 August 2004
OK, I may get annoying with this thing...this is my second entry today! The other day I was talking to a very good friend about quotes, so I thought why not put some of my favorites in my blog. Enjoy!

~*~"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies." (Aristotle)~*~ This is so true! I feel this way about my closest friends. I love you guys!

~*~"A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway." (Fr. Jerome Cummings)~*~ Out of all the friendship quotes I've read, this is my favorite and true as well.

~*~Life is short...kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly, and forgive quickly.~*~ Live life to the fullest because you never know when it will be over.

~*~Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling or getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples that are on the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So, the apples at the top think there is something wrong with them when in reality, they're amazing. That's why you just have to be a little patient, and eventually the right boy, the one who takes a chance to find the good, right apple, will come someday.~*~ This one speaks for itself.

~*~Quit worrying about stupid things. You have four years to be irresponsible. Relax, work is for people with jobs. You'll never remember class time, but you'll remember the times hanging out with your friends. So stay out late, go out on a Tuesday night when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. Drink until sunrise. The world never does.~*~ This is my favorite college quote. And from what I can already tell, college does go fast.

~*~Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.~*~ This one in just funny. Thanks Dory Beth!

~*~Life isn't measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.~*~ I'm still waiting for moments that take my breath away, but I still believe that this quote is true.

These last two are personal favorites; you'll be able to see why...

~*~Kent State girls are pretty, Case Western girls are smart... But it takes a BG girl to win a fella's heart. Miami girls are tan, OU girls got a flow, but when you want the best-looking girl, BG is where you go! Akron girls are wild, Toledo girls are fun, but a BG girl is a BG girl- come on, they're #1! Girls will be girls, north, south, east, and west, but BG girls always rate the best! To any man who reads this and truly wants to know, if you have a BG girl, YOU SHOULD NEVER LET HER GO!~*~

~*~When the oldest boy first left for college his dad gave him some advice for life. You can date each and every Kappa but bring home an Alpha Phi for a wife. You can party with the Tri Delts but just listen to me, when it comes time to marry, find an Alpha Phi. Chi-Os can be on your agenda and Pi Phis are fun for a date, but never ever forget you want an Alpha Phi for your mate. I want you to enjoy your college years and give all the sororities a spin but never buy a ring unless Alpha Phi is on her pin.~*~

Posted by journal2/nikki7 at 9:41 PM EDT
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Welcome to My World!
Hey y'all! It seems like everyone I know has one of these things, so I decided to try it out myself. Welcome to my world! I can't promise that it'll be exciting, but I'll do my best.

Well I move back in at BGSU in exactly one week from today. Crazy, huh? When school was almost out, I couldn't wait to come home. When I got home, I couldn't wait to go back. Now that it's almost time to go back, I don't really want to. Don't get me wrong, I love college and I love being at BG...but it's not home. I guess I've just adjusted to being back in Tallmadge and my life here. I mean, I even have an awesome job here that I absolutely love and hate to give up.

Speaking of jobs, this is my last week working at Macaroni Grill in Montrose. I'm actually sad to leave there. It's gotten to the point where I look forward to going into work. The people there are wonderful. Not only do I enjoy working with them, I like to hang out with them too...especially a certain someone. I'm already looking forward to going back over winter break. But yeah, I work Thursday and Friday nights so you should come visit me.

Well that's about it for right now. I'll do my best to keep this thing updated, but there are no guarantees. Hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer! Love ya all!

Posted by journal2/nikki7 at 3:17 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 August 2004 3:18 PM EDT
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