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Monday, 14 June 2004
Can't say that I've had much time to all! (I know this is the first post in a really long time but I'm going to have to make it short and sweet...because time is precise, I'm cutting into good sleep time here.)
Working down at Topeka's Steakhouse in Newport News...I'm living down by Va Beach (like 25miles from the water actually). I'm liking it. I've made a lot of friends over at work...which is good too. Went out with Meridith to the movies tonite, girls night out-always fun! Been hangin a lot with this guy Aaron there too...he's from Tex-Ass. :-P (Supposedly he was hired because of he cute ass too...hmm maybe I should check that one out.) *lol
Ok enough of that.. I'm tired and need to go to bed.
My car is dying so hopefully something will come thru very soon so I can make it back home this week to visit the family (and surprise the kids :-D)
Random calls are always appreciated (my cell is the same as always). I miss everybody back home and from school....(Oh thats a crazy story too)...:-) Summertime is here!

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 7:01 AM MEST
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Saturday, 17 January 2004
Back in Ohio...
Life isn't exactly normal here, but it's no Europe. To sum things up really quickly ...I'm back in Ohio being a nursing major and all that good stuff. Christmas break was awesome...I was unemployed and hung out with my family and friends most of the time. I made a New Years resolution to start seeing the rest of our great country and started out on the right foot in Boston (with my friend Dave where we visited my cousin Elaine - it was a fantastic start to a new year!) Hopefully I'll be able to keep everyone pretty upto date with this thing :-) Peace!

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 7:10 PM CET
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Thursday, 11 December 2003
...Stella kidnapped AMDG (shirts)... we stole a few shirts, held them for randsom ...and gave them back. Unfortunatly we never got our little interpertive dance, or funny poem or jammin song...but it's all in fun. I have a few photos if ya want to see them. I never got to pull the good pranks either. But really thats ok b/c we had the upperhand. The only thing AMDG ever did was steal our household box and well, we have that back now too. Face it, we all know the truth...AMDG loves Stella Mariae.
So last night was our last full night out...I tried pulling an all nighter. Went to Ur's, had a great time...came back for the movie marathon till 10am...think I was out by like 6 or 7am this morning. Oh well. Tonite we have midnite mass before we leave and then the buses head out at 3am to Vienna. Just a few more days till I see everyone, I'm so excited! (My brain isn't working quite right currently so excuse any sentance that doesn't follow a logical order or all my punctuation and grammar :-P) Aight I'm out! Peace

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 3:05 PM CET
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Tuesday, 9 December 2003
...windin down, packin up...
...getting ready to go. It seems that everyone else around here is totally stressed out though and I'm not. I can't seem to figure it out. I am excited to come home though, especially to see family and friends!(Oh wait, that'd be y'all :-P)
I'm done with finals, finally ;-) All in all I think I did well this semester, which is good...I need a nice bumper for next semester when I pick up 18 credits and start clinicals. Craziness...see y'all sooner than later!

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 7:25 PM CET
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Sunday, 7 December 2003 if but a dream...
...Or so the semester has seemed. I was thinking about how much I've gotten to do this semester, the places I've been, people I've met...who does that? *lol It really feels unreal to me when I think about the actual circumstances. I love it :-) We watched a slide show the other night of my friend Matt's collection of photos and I just kept thinking...these are the times of our lives. It's true, when will I ever get this opportunity again? Sure I can come back to Europe...but never have a home base like this...and have so many friends here.
Just about a week till I come home. That amazes me. I'll see you all very soon!
Until then, check out the photos I just added. We went out last night to Urs and then to the Krumpus dance downtown. Krumpus by the way are animal like creatures or something like that, that are helpers of St. Nick. They beat the kids before Christmas to make them good so they can get gifts from St. Nick. They're kinda scary. On that note, peace out ;-) Ciao!

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 9:01 PM CET
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Thursday, 4 December 2003
...two down...two to go!!
It's Finals week!! Had two today, one tomorrow ...and my final, final for the final class in Austria ...on Tuesday :-P Ok, so now it's nap time. Stayed up way to late studyin last night but it was worth it...I think I kicked butt today. I'm staying home this weekend, there's so much to do here! And its the last weekend. It's funny how it feels like I just got out here, but if you asked me a few weeks ago I felt like I'd been here forever. Anyone who knows anything on the whole episode of the summer w/Josh...he's now datin someone from back I guess that makes me?singler than I was when I was single? *lol* It's all good...somehow I'm ok w/it all..ya know there's a reason for everything ..and of course a bigger plan than mine ;-) Aight wish me luck, I'll keep ya updated :-) Peace

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 4:29 PM CET
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Sunday, 30 November 2003
Prague...what a beautiful city...
…I don’t think its possible to take a bad picture of Prague. It is an amazingly gorgeous city, with gorgeous buildings,cool sights and I’m glad I finally got there.
I left with Liz Forest and Kat Schiappa on Friday night to catch a train to Prague. We ended up having to re-route our entire trip…ended up on a really slow train to Vienna and missed the one to Prague by 10minutes. So we made do and got a hostel in Vienna…but only after getting a bit of McD’s. (For the record…in the past 3 or so months I’ve been here…that’s only my 5th trip there…I try to avoid it…but sometimes it worse than a magnet.) After not sleeping very well, or very much for that matter we jumped on an early train to Prague and got there about noon. We got to see the Infant of Prague in a lil’Carmelite church, eat a delicious breakfast that had eggs!! (trust me…it’s a precious commodity when you eat the typical “European” breakfast everyday)…saw the Charles St. bridge (in case ya didn’t know…part of Mission Impossible was filmed there)…also saw the Astronomical clock, which being 800years old was semi-entertaining. Luckily someone had told me to save Prague towards the end so I could see the Advent Fest and I’m glad I did…it was great! (Hopefully I’ll get pictures up sooner than later…sorry I’m so bad about that…I’m trying) Ended up meeting up with Ryan…a Canadian I had met in Poland…and went to dinner with him and his friends. Oh ps had the best drinks there ever yesterday… Hot chocolate and rum, delicious…gluhwein, you all know that’s one of my favorites…a Guinness bomb, Guinness and Kailua …it wasn’t a car bomb, but it was darn good…and I finished out the night w/a Baileys coffee…always a good end. A few of those I had at Rocky O’Reiley’s, “the biggest and best Irish Pub in Prague”…it was nice too. We ended up stayin there for a while to try to pass time…the place was packed full of Irishmen everywhere. At midnite we got on our train to head back to Austria…I swear I haven’t gotten such little sleep as I did on this trip…but it was totally worth it and I’d do it again in a minute! (Definitely recommend going there once in one’s life time…maybe ya can come with me cuz I’m def. going back!)
Only a couple weeks and then back to the will definitely be an adjustment for me.

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 5:08 PM CET
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Friday, 28 November 2003
a traditional American Austria
What an interesting Thankgiving! Beside the fact that we still had classes :-/ was a great day! Mass was in 4 different languages (Russian, German, English and Latin) and two Rites (Byzantine and Roman)...and we just celebrated Thanks together as a huge diverse community. Of course we had to follow certain American traditions...such as FOOTBALL :-) All our boys went out and played a good rough was a beautiful day for it too. Today the weather is a bit colder and rainier so we got lucky I guess.
Renee and I went swimming to work up a bit of an appetite...didn't matter much on my part though because I ended up serving and dealing w/all that food makes me kinda not hungry. Plus it wasn't a "real" thanksgiving meal...I mean we didn't have pumpkin pie!! Altho I hand it to the Austrians...they did the best they could.
After dinner we had a Thanksgiving Ball...for the first 2hours we danced to Austrian music learning all kinds of different lil'steps and dances. It was fun...everyone ended up changing partners at least a dozen times so that added some variety. After that was done and over with...most of us changed out of our dirndls (the Traditional Austrian garb for ladies...) and got our funk on w/another 3hours of a playlist made by Matt Miller..kudos to Matt, it was probably one of the best mixes I've ever heard at a dance.
I got to talk to my family yesterday and even got to call my was really nice. Being away from home on such a family oriented day really makes ya realize the importance of family. It also struck me how close our group here this semester is. We're just one big family out here..and we've really grown closer throughout this semester.
Just a few side notes...there are a ton of visitors here for Thanksgiving and that's been so much fun, getting to know new people and hangin out with them! Also something I forgot from Italy...the Chinese food is soo much better in Europe!! *lol
I'm off to Prague in a few hours...enjoy the weekend! Peace!

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 4:25 PM CET
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Monday, 24 November 2003
...home of the random trainness....
Ok, that'd be Poland for all those of you who weren't sure. It all started going from Vienna to Krakow on a Polish train...some how after not getting a sleeping car Kara and I ended up seperated from our group and in Warsaw! From there we took a fast train back down to Krakow and found a place to stay along w/some good ol'pizza (it was interesting...Polish to say the least). We missed seein Auschwitz by 15min...well not quite. They closed at 4:00pm and we arrived at 4:15pm. I tried gettin up early the next morning but that just didn't happen. Hopefully I'll get to go back and make it a day trip thing. Saturday all I did was for Christmas, shop for myself and shop for fun. I've never enjoyed shopping that much in my life...maybe b/c it was outside at a cute lil'Polish market...or maybe just b/c the Polish currency is so cheap... whatever it was I got almost all my shopping done.
Also that weekend Kara and I had the best meals in the world... Friday night at this very cute place that would be very romantic on a date (thank God I saved the address :-P) and Saturday we ended up meetin up again w/Renee and Elise and going to dinner w/some guys from their hostel. The restaurant was very elegant and we had great service (and it was still cheap!)
Krakow was so cute and beautiful and very romantic (just about every couple walkin around the girl had a rose...sold by the great flower vendors around the market :-))
There were other train troubles but nothin funny enough to note...moral of the story...go to Poland it's amazing!

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 9:46 PM CET
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final briefing on Italy...
...I know I'm leaving out so much here but there's just too much to tell...
Highlights of Italy
1. Saw the Pope - TWICE!
2. Went under St. Peter's...amazing tour...everyone should go on that
3. Felt like I was coming home to Rome...great feeling coming back
4. Saw almost everything I saw the first time then stayed on the tour for the other 4hrs :-P
5. Totally relaxed in Assisi...although it's the only place I know that you have to walk uphill both ways (right P. Duffey?) I think they modeled Steubenville exactly after it..hills and all.
6. Gelato, Pasta, Vino and just food in general - amazing!
7. Great times all around hanging with my friends...
8. Sweetest place near Rome, Orvieto...gotta go there...its a lil'town, a quiet village (ok thats like France w/Beauty and the Beast..nm)...
9. Bus ride mic ...some funny impressions by Pat Grace and some nice sing alongs...oh watched Gladiator too!
10. Understandin how universal "Catholic" really is!
Thats all for now on that one folks...

Posted by journal2/navywave21 at 9:15 PM CET
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