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There are thousands of insects in the rain forest
Here are some of them and their eggs

(Most pictures taken off Chestnut Avenue bike trial and the Sime forest, Singapore)


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A rare find this morning, Sunday NOV 25 2001

This is a Trilobite Larvae (Duliticola hoiseni), this female beetle is
20 times larger than her male counterpart.
The male beetle dies immediately after mating, and the female dies after laying her eggs.
Male is about a teeny weeny 2mm long. Our Dulitocola played dead for the leave photo.


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Nice catapillars


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Large Dragonfly mating

(1.26 MB Download)

Click the picture to see a WINDOWS MEDIA 7.1 movie of the mated
dragonfly laying eggs..

This movie has been altered to 1/2 SPEED so you
can see the waterflick as the eggs are laid.

Click HERE to download the player.. from Microsoft

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1 foot long giant millipede

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This is the millibug, a very very fantastic Jumper..When I touched it, It jumped 2
feet using the power of its leg muscles from a stationary position.. No human jumper
can beat its power...


Click to see a Quicktime movie on the Millibug Jumping... (500K mb)

Click to see q Quicktime movie on the Millibug Moving... (4 mb)


Please download LATEST QUICKTIME from Apple


Colorful beetle with its wings unfolded.


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Extruded excretions of an millibug type insect, Venus Drive 21 April 2001



Large hairy catapillars of some moth (Turf club forest hill)

A very strange bunch of daytime moths sucking on sap
was discovered.. Normally moths feed only at night but
on this occasion it feeds during the day (Turf club forest hill)

Another forest cockroach (mac reservoir)

Forest cockroach feeding on Aphid's excretion, a rare shot! (CA) (21)

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Aphids, not young cockroaches as magnified . 
Picture  taken with flash (20)

giant green stinkbugs, a rare sight. length 1.5 inches. (CA) (19)

Click to see stinkbugsb.jpg

Red Stinkbug at Sungei Buloh Park (SBP) (18)

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Giant  6 inch Hawkmoth Catalillar (RR) (17)


First mating  in  April 2000 (RR) (17)

Ants taking nectar (RR) (16)

No fines for spitting, the spittlebug's nest (UP res) (15)
and the spittle bug itself. It can fly and jump all over the place.

Click to see stinkbug1.jpg


Assasin bug , (CA, Rock climbing area) (14)..
2 bugs are seen attacking and sucking the juices off an ant..
Both Bugs flew together, landed on a leaf and attacked an ant..

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Large Spiky Spider (CA, Rock climbing area) (13)

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Stinkbugs mating. (CA) (12)


Newborn Hoppers (CA) (12)

Click to see babhopper.jpg

Cicada's emerge from the ground (lower pierce res) (11)

Mantis waits for prey (CA) (10)

Mantis egg case (CA) (9)

unidentified eggs and nest formation (CA) (8)

Unidentified insect nest (CA) (7)


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Unknown egg wrpped in silk and protected by lovegrass (CA) (6)

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Spider and delicate weave. The Zigzag pattern will reflect certain wavelengths
of UV light, therefore certain insects may think that it is a flower or source of
their favorite nectar and fly right into it. (CA) (5)

Insect squirting water (CA) (4)


Newly Hatched spiders (Labrador Park ) (3) 

Monarch butterfly Chrysallis (2)


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Baby Catapillars (1)