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A Sampling of wildlife at fraser's hill

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Town Center Panorama


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Mountain Tortise - Almost run over
Squashed Pope's Viper - road prata.

A nature roaming trip to Fraser's hill brought along quite a number of pleasant surprises. All the creatures that had eluded other trips showed up this time. Generally we saw lots of Snakes, Gibbons, Leaf monkeys and other vegetation. We went up on December 5 and enjoyed an average l temperature of an 22 degrees C.

This page contains a small sampling of digital photos taken with the Sony F707 and the Nikon 995. Enjoy.

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Baby Pope's Viper
Another Viper in the bushes nearby


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Viper found on road and saved from being a viper prata


Pope's Vipers where EVERYWHERE.Do not venture into the thick bushes without checking and re-checking, as you may get FATALLY bitten .

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One of the Trails
Very tasty Melon
Wild Raspberry


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Rare Gibbons
Leaf Monkey

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Leaf Monkey Troupe

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Excited 2 inch leech
Large Beetle

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Giant 5 inch diameter Mushroom
V nice pink Mushroom


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Rare Pigeon
Spider hunter


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Nice Moth
Palm Weevil


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Leaf bug


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Infra Red Shot
Spider in the hole
Spider with Eggcase

Large Tarantula Spiders


Gibbon Calls (mpeg)
Reaction of a leech to human touch (windows media)