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Chek Jawa snapshot - Dec 16

You are Visitor

As of December 20 , 2001, Chek Jawa's reclaimation plans has been deferred by the MND.. Nparks will now regulate visits to the park.... for more information , please visit.. Habitatnews Chek Jawa info. Too many visitors have already left their human footprints on the mud, squashing a lot of lifeforms, so you are advised to restrain yourself.


Click to see foot.jpg

Click to see the footprints, some were 8 inches deep.. no joke.. I got stuck too..


A well publicized awareness program by the NSS, lead to over a thousand visitors by the end of the long weekend. We took our own trip down for a quick look. For me its my first time at CJ and I let my Sony F-707 loose on the lifeforms.. A circular polarizer was filter was required to take most of the pictures as sun glare on the water would prevent proper shots.


About 500 or more people came on Sunday to see Chek Jawa, the Taxis were doing a brisk business


For the photo gallery, clicking on the picture will bring up a higher resolution picture- average size 27k.

Click to see DSC00692.jpg
Click to see DSC00718.jpg
Sea Cucumber
Ball Cucumber


Click to see DSC00713.jpg

Click to see DSC00716.jpg

GPS: Loc: .1.409620 N, 103..992880 East
accuracy: 8 meters.

Carpet Anemones
Purple Anemones


Click to see DSC00736.jpg
Click to see DSC00710.jpg
Peacock Anemones
Peacock Anemones


Click to see DSC00720.jpg
Click to see DSC00724.jpg
Hermit Crab
Velcro Crab


Click to see DSC00735.jpg
Click to see DSC00717.jpg
Blue Sponge
Squid/octopus eggs


Conservation Notes


As you can see for yourself, one trip there will produce endless encounters with many different colorful lifeforms. So walk carefully and do not destroy anything so that future groups can relish the splendor of this very special place.

I picked up this half-dead crab which was in its dying throes , clearly it was stepped upon as you can easily see the crack on its shell , a mortal wound that it will not survive. At CJ you need to thread extra carefully...


For more information on Chek Jawa, please visit the following pages: Habitatnews Chek Jawa info

Hardware for CJ Wading fun.


Click to see track.jpg

For the High Tech minded, a GARMIN GPS would be ideal for keeping log of your wonderings around Chek Jawa, Click on the picture to see the actual locations I was wading around. The RED track I left behind is recorded.

The track information if analyzed , contains the date,time and all other position information during my wading..

It is very interesting to note that the Low Tide was extremely low indeed and allowed lots of people to venture furthur out than normal. Purple is the spot where the purple anemones were located. I did not see them anywhere else.

My Recommendation is the US$119 Etrek available from Sim Lim Sq and Tower via the Rank O connors distributers. Pararell imports sell for S$10.00 less but its not worth the un-proven gurantees. For mapping , I recommend (oziexplorer) which is the best software available as shareware. I own the Garmin Vista, which contains a built in electronic compass and baro and ability to load maps , but for most easy purposes, the cheapest would do.. see

Cameras should be equipped with a Circularly Polarizing filter Lens so that you can adjust it for glare. To take pictures below deeper water you need to make your own gadget box with a pure glass bottom to take even nicer pictures. For digital cameras, I recommend the Nikon 5000 and the Sony F-707. 2 pieces of memory at 128MB each should be sufficient.