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A Thear Story
by A.K.Bucheeri

Chapter 1 - The Girl

As I opened my eyes, I got the full impact of sunshine. I got a burning sensation that passed through my nerves from my eye to my brain.

After a while I adapted to the light and looked outside the window. As I did so I thought to myself, Is this coming day yet another routine day? Was I going to meet or encounter anything new? But I already new the answer to that question, the chances of any special thing happening is one to a million.

As I raised myself, I sat straight in the silence. The silence was so beautiful that if I had the chance to stay as I am forever, I would have. But as all beautiful things that happen to me, the silence was broken by a knocking on the door. I shouted 'I'm Up!' and the knocking stopped and could hear footstep fading away.

I got myself out of bed very reluctantly, and made my way to the bathroom. There I took my regular hot morning shower. After I finished I went and stood in front of the Mirror. I could see a brown eyed, smooth-brown haired guy looking at me. Perhaps maybe the only thing I like about my appearance is my hair. As its quite different from everybody else. I changed and went down stairs finding only the maids, as everyone else except my younger brother, who has already left to school, were sleeping in their rooms. For once in my life I hoped that one day I'd go down to have breakfast with my family, but I don't think that would happen without a special occasion. I went out without saying anything to the help and without eating into the cold and chilly winter weather.

As I stood outside, my nose began to feel num from the cold. I dosed of thoughtlessly, eyes fixed on a stone on the ground. I came back to reality with the sound of the bus horn. I climbed on and made way to the back where I usually sit. I reserved a seat next to me for my best friend Leedah, as her house was next. This maybe be one of the few things that I look forward to as she was the only one who seems to understand me. We stopped next to her house, and she climbed on. She made her way to me, and as she did I noticed that she look exactly like the day before. Come to think of it she always looked the same. She was about half-a-foot shorter than me, same curly brown hair that stretched down to cover half her back. Her face was as usual covered with freckles. She sat down and said,

'Hey, how are yeah?'

'I'm fine and you?' I replied.

'Okay I guess, did you do your math homework?'

'Nah couldn't be bothered. I'll do it in my free period, its due on last'

'Good, 'coz I haven’t done it either'

We kept quiet for a while. But then Leedah said,

'How's Tami?'                         

'Dun no, I haven’t talk to her yesterday' I replied.

'I'm telling you Gabe, that girl is no good. She's using you. She just wants people to notice her, and by dating you she has the whole school talking. I don’t know what you see in her!' she ended with a tone of irritation in her voice.

'Well I love her, and she does too, and… and I think that's enough' I replied.

She open her mouth to reply but closed it as though she changed her mind. I thought off what you had just said. Did I really love Tami? My heart sank. I knew very well that I didn't. I remember asking her out because I treated her bad the last time we were together, and for the sake of having a girl friend. This is only because all my friends did and I felt left. I hoped by time I'd start liking her, but by the rate we're going its going to take months, or maybe even years. But I dint tell this to anyone, because they might think of me as a pathetic, low life, loser.

I looked outside the window and saw the school. I turned to Leedah and said 'Lets get ready, we're almost there'.

The bus stopped at the bus park behind the school. We got off and started walking to our block. The school was rather deserted. This is normal as we are usually the first people there.

'The witch is early today' said Leedah. She nodded in the direction of our computer and class teacher, Mrs. Dennis.

'Her husband must have kicked her out of the house, 'coz I heard she does a big mess with her potions' I replied. Leedah giggled, but tried hard not to show it as Mrs. Dennis was looking in our direction.

We went into class and kept our bags on our desks, and went out to sit on the benches. As we were sitting, I noticed the school filling up. It was only then I noticed how many people attend Bahrain High.

'Here comes miss perfect' said Leedah Mockingly, 'I better leave you two alone then'. She got up and went back into the block. Tami approached me smiling. Her medium length hair wasn’t tied up as usual, and yet she still had the same crouch.

'Hi honey, how are you?' She said happily.

'I'm fine, and you?' I replied automatically.

'I'm ok. You dint call me yesterday, I missed you'

'Well I was kinda busy, sorry about that'

'Its ok'

She sat down next to me. It was weird, but I noticed her coming closer and closer to me, and also made sure that People noticed us. Then I thought to myself, maybe what Leedah told me earlier was true. But said no, Tami wouldn't do that.

'Oh as you know, next week end is the first day of Ramadan, and me and my friends are going out for Iftar. Wanna come with?' she asked

Ramadan is a month were we Muslims fast in, and Iftar is what we call the meal to break our fast.

'Sure, why not' I answered.

As I said that last sentence, she got up and said 'Well then I'll see you around'. She strode off to meet her friends who just arrived.

The first bell Rang and I got up and went to class. Leedah was sitting with her friends, so I walk over to meet my friends Danny and Neil. They both took commerce, so we rarely hang around with each other. Danny was copying some kind of homework while Neil watched him.

'Wusup' I said to them.

'Nothing much' replied Neil.

'Business homework' said Danny. He was writing so fast, that it seemed that he was forced at gun point.

Mrs. Dennis took the attendance and as the bell for the first period sounded, I went to join Leedah. We both made our way to physics class. The only other two students that took science are two nerds called Simon, a greasy haired guy with almost no neck, and Roderick, a fat and potato-shaped guy. The physics teacher Mr. Eric came in. He was maybe the the best teacher there was. He kids around with us, and he's not that strict. And the best thing is he barely gives us homework.

'Good Morning' said Mr. Eric.

'Morning' said the class reluctantly.

'Now if you would please take your books out and turn to page two… one… seven, you'll see exercise sixteen 'A' which has…' he went on explaining.

As nice as Mr. Eric was his lectures were the most boring. As he went on solving the exercise with Simon and Roderick, I slid down on my chair and started copying off the board. Surely enough I was followed by Leedah, who also did the same.

The Bell to end the period rang and I got up almost immediately, and went out of class. We had computer class next, and as usual Mrs. Dennis didn't make our lives easy. She gave us a five-hundred word essay to write as homework. Biology after that, taught by the nice and kind Miss Jessica, was much more fun, because she took us to the lab and made us dissect a mouse. The bell for break time gave away, and Leedah and I went to the cafeteria to garb us a bite. We sat down at our usual table.

'Lets do the math homework, our free is up next' said Leedah.

''k' I replied with my mouth full, which I think made Leedah look at me in disgust.

Tami came over with her friend Amanda, a tall blonde haired girl, and they both sat down at our table.

'Hi Leedah, how are you?' said Tami

'Fine' said Leedah bitterly.

'Gabe, me and Amanda are thinking of making the Iftar at Fudd's, is that ok with you?' she asked

'Yah, sure' I answered

'Oh and Leedah your welcome to come if you like to, no pressure'

'Oh I'd like that, but I cant' Leedah gave a fake smile, in which Tami also gave her one.

'Well that’s too bad' said Tami. She got up and said 'Well I'll see you after school sweetie'. She kissed me on the cheek and left. As soon as she did Leedah burst out,

'Ohh, Leedah you're welcome to come if you'd like to, no pressure' she said imitating Tami's voice 'The nerve on her! And you, don’t tell me your going out with her this weekend!' she shouted at me.

'Why what wrong with it, I am dating her you know' I replied defensively.

'You supposed to come over for Iftar at my place, remember?'

My stomach swirled. I completely forgot about Leedah inviting me. I felt so guilty, that I didn’t no how to apologize to her. She kept looking at me waiting for an answer, but I couldn’t open my mouth. She gave a mini 'Urghhh!' and left.

It was as thought Danny and Neil were waiting for her to leave cause as soon as she did the came and sat down on the same table.

'You wanna come play football? We're a player short.' asked Danny.

'But its five minutes to the bell!' I answered.

'Yeah but we have free next, and the 10th graders said they'd skip class. So, you in?'

'Well I'd like to, but I have math homework to do. Sorry'

'Its ok' said Neil.

At that instant, the bell rang indicating the end of the break.

Leedah wouldn’t talk to me the whole period. I didn’t blame her. How could I have been so stupid and forgotten that? We both sat quietly through out the period doing our homework.

As we reach the last period of the day, Leedah started talking to me. We headed to math class which was tought by the only Indian teacher, Miss Brema. As I entered the class I found it empty, which is very extraordinary as Miss Brema was always on time. We both sat down and Leedah started taking her books out, and after she finished she bent on the table, as though she was going to sleep. I looked outside the window to the next block and saw Tami there. I waved at her and she waved back with a smile. As she turned away, these two girls came to view. One of them made my heart, and not to mention mouth, drop. Her hair was long brown and wavy. She had an amazing figure. And best of all, her face had blush-red cheeks that made her look so cute. My heart was racing so fast, I couldn’t remember the last time it did. It was strange though, I knew most of the girls in school, but this one I haven’t seen before. I turned to Leedah and said to her,

'Who's that girl?!'

'Waa…' she replied lazily. It appeared that she dozed off without knowning.

'That girl! Who is she?!'

'Where? Which?' she replied. As she just came back to her senses.

'That one!' but she went out of sight. 'Can you be a bit more attentive next time!'

'Why what so important? I thought you Loved Tami? Why do you wanna know another girls name?'

I sat back and said nothing. All I was think of was who that girl was. At that precise moment, Mrs. Brema came in and said in her famous Indian accent,

'I'm soorrryyy I'm late'



Later on that night, I sat down to dinner with my family. But my mind was else where. I couldn’t stop thinking of the girl. And the worst part is I don’t know her. But then I thought to myself, even if I did meet her, I'm still stuck with Tami. I tried to clear my mind, and I turned to my mom who was talking to my dad. My mom had which smooth brown hair which I inherited from her. And my dad looked exactly like me but without the hair. My mom suddenly stopped talking and looked at me. She then said,

'Oh Gabe, Samantha and Jesus are going to the club to swim tomorrow, you wanna go with them?'

Samantha and Jesus are the two other faces around that table. They are my brother and sister.

'Nah, I'm going with Ron to Claude's place' I replied.

Ron and Claude are my best and oldest friends. And I wasn't to keen of missing the chance to go talk to them. Actually I couldn’t wait to meet them. I want to tell them about the girl.

I got up silently, and went up to my room. In my family I'm known as the most isolated one. I didn't like to get involved in stuff.

As soon as I entered the room, I threw myself on the bed. I was so tired that I decided to sleep early. I turned off the lights, and prepared myself to sleep. I closed my eyes, and all of a sudden I was reliving the same scenario where I saw that girl. She still had here heart-welcoming smile. I opened my eyes with a sudden idea. I knew sooner or later I was going to force myself into talking to her. So I thought of taking Danny around the school, to look for her. And as soon as Danny recognizes her, he'd tell me her name and email. As he was a walking email dictionary.