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Mir's Last Year
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Kiss my class good-bye

Hi, I am Miranda Nichole, but my friends call me Mir and the leprechuan. Hey, great things come in small packages (my frame stands at nearly 4'11"). I am senior at New Hope High School in No Where, Alabama. I plan on going to Calhoun Community College next year, and attending the University of Montevallo for the rest of my years, majoring Communication Arts with a minor in Brodcast Journalism...

Speaking of talented...

Yes, I am. I have written for the Huntsville Times for the past four year on the teen page. I am color guard captain with the Marching Indian Band, and editor of The Indian, our yearbook. I love the arts and going to musicals. I also love to take picture, anything that I can express my personality with. Among my friends, I am known as the wild and crazy one, I am the one in the 50's dress.