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Edna J. McCoy and Children

Edna J. was the wife of Erastus Amaziah McCoy (son of Drayton Bennett McCoy). The children's stones below, belonged to them. There was one stone next to little Henry, that I didn't get a photograph of. It was shattered and unreadable. I later found out it belonged to -- Infant McCoy, daughter of E.A. and E.J. McCoy.

LEFT: Edna J. McCoy

RIGHT: Henry McCoy, son of E.A. and E.J. McCoy. The footstone is in the foreground with the initials H.McC. The stone itself, in the background, is broken and mostly unreadable.

2nd Line CENTER: Walter McCoy, son of E.A. and E. J. McCoy

NEXT: The Infant Daughter stone is missing.


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