Having a Ball

Tutorial by Pete CIT mgr

Photo Impact 


This is what we are trying to achieve.......
The above is all the objects saved as a photo shop file, psd in other words. So heres is how I did it.
1. Go to File tab New set on transparent and full colour.
2. size around 400 by 400 to be cropped later.
3. Go to shape library solid, and double left click on the ball shape.
4. Colour the ball by using the gradient colour. and set to 3d and number 55, and ball to roughly same size as mine shown above. Now you should have one ball in top left hand of your working area.
5.Using the pick tool click on the ball and see the marching ants. Right click and duplicate, then drag the ball into to position down to the left of the first ball as shown above. Now duplicate and position until you have the above pattern of balls.
6. Go to text tool and choose your font set size to 55 depending I suppose on the font you use, anyway so that it appears as above or similar.
7. Go to Object tab select all objects, now you should see ants appearing round all the balls and the text.
9. Go to the crop tool and position the crop around the balls so that you are not using up more space than needed, now go to edit tab and crop.
10. Go to file tab, Save as .......choose a name and save it as a psd(photo shop file), this is important, as it will save all the objects in their correct order, as layers.
11. Go to switch......choose Gif Animator.
12. In the box that appears click on the open video file, then browse for your picture.psd it may show as adobe photo shop file. When you click on it you will notice that it appears in the layers section of your animator with quite a number of layers.
13. Set delay to 25 global, that is all frames.
14. Now highlight the frame with the text on it and set delay to 200.
15. Try a preview, if your happy, go to optimize set colours to 32. Preview again, do you like it.
16. Now save it as a gif...........all the best with it
Now it should look like this.....

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