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The Six Temples
The temples in which the elements are held closest (fire, water, earth, and wind) will hold the sacred beings, the elementals, at their highest point. The elementals are those few who have learned to embrace the powers of their surroundings and slip in and out of them. In turn their surroundings have given them gifts in which the elementals will disclose if it pleases them. The elementals have only two in which they must answer to, their element and the chosen one of the royal family who protects them. The priests and priestess of these temples will do everything in their power to uphold the guidelines in which the elementals give them.
The Sun and Moon temples will not be governed by the elementals but by the king and queen of the land. The warm yet sometimes harsh sun and the caring yet cold moon.
The Sun- The King
The Moon- The Queen
The Fire- The First Born
The Water- The only Daughter
The Earth- The Youngest Son
The Wind- The First Twin