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All who seek refuge within the Realm of Eternal Ages
are held firm to the core rules set forth by the Royal Family six generations past.

1) The throne is a sacred place of authority, any who dare challenge or found guilty of conspiracy to challenge it shall be disbanded and executed immediately

2) Dice play has been set in place to ensure a fair chance for all participants to become stronger through hard work and battle with their earned attributes. Any and all matches must be fought under the dice system and with a designated proctor present to be valid. You may spar at any time without them but no credit will be given. No exceptions.

3) All who pass through the gates are entitled to their privacy and safety ... any member found guilty of harassment or attacking an innocent will be disbanded immediately. And unwarranted or undue violence will not be tolerated ... save the bulling for the playground.

4) Those who join our ranks are entitled to the ability of advancement in their field. Ex. Any private in the Royal Guard has the opportunity to make General if he or she passes all required exams and has enough experience to perform his or her duty. You can and will not be punished for being weak ... but the stronger you are ... the stronger the Kingdom is.

5) Opinions are both welcomed and encouraged ... all who join us have a voice in the Kingdom .. and are urged to use it ... though it must be used in a respectable, peaceful, and encouraging manner. Useless ranting and complaining is often found ... but will not be tolerated. In order to make your voice heard and avoid punishment, your comments should be well informed and expressed in a helpful way. An unwarranted verbal attack on any Royal Member will be treated as an act of treason.

6) Any member of the Royal Family may make minor revisions to the set core rules of the Kingdom at any time, but anyone that may fall in violation of the rules if they are changed MUST be given fair notice to correct themselves. If a Royal members' changes to the rules are seem as unjust or unfair to any member ... they will be allowed to bring their case before the Royal Council for judgment. If a rule set forth is in violation according to the council, it shall be revised and any punishment dealt under it will be void and anything lost under it shall be restored.

7) Final judgment on all matters will be left to the King and Queen ... in short ... They have the right to make up the rules as they go, so long as it pertains to those under the Kingdom's rule.