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Long ago the gods ruled. It was the gods who split the land of Rhy'din in two, the land of good and the land of evil. However the gods overlooked a fact that would plague the land of evil. The fact that good can come out of evil. And so as the years went on and the children of the evil whose hearts were of good began to band together.

A creature, for even though he looked to be a man he was not, of this band of good ventured out of their sanctuary in such of himself. It was there in the mists of evil and decay a slave girl of no more than sixteen found a soft spot in his heart.

They loved each other dearly and it was that love that saw them through some of the most impossible times. It was their love that gave them four children ... gave them a home ... and gave them peace. But it was their love that would bring a great danger upon them. For during the time of their years it was found that the young slave, who only knew herself as Cleo, was in truth Cleopatra Serenity daughter of Selene, the goddess of the moon.

It was the rage of the gods that came down upon them, merely because she was of their blood and had attached herself to one less than worthy. But as all know gods do not always agree with each other. And a the goddess of change, Sylvia, took pity on them and risking the wrath of the gods split the worlds so that there were now three.

In the third world the gods had no power there. With Jarax and Cleo as rulers of the land peace and love directed everyone. Now man and creatures alike need something to believe and so the six temples were brought about, each with a member of the royal family at their head.

But war is never far off and the gods took their revenge. The royal house fell and the descendants of Jarax and Cleo scattered. Shadow now rules the land...
... but with shadow
you need light.