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In the cold waters of the river of styx one family dares to trod, Necromancers by birth ... heros by choice. The leinage of Abhorsen has passed the responsibility of guarding the sacred gate between life and death .. giving their life to keep the balence in check .. only dead in the river and beyond .. and only the living in this world. Ever sence the first Abhorsen made his first step into the river to banish a great evil beyond the ninth gate they have been bestowed with this task .. gifted with both free and Charter magics ...being the only ones that can use both ... they have remained neautral throughout the ages ... drawing their blade only on those who seek to upset the balance .. wheather they be free or Charter .... though they have slowly been leaning toward the Charter sence the Great Wars that brought free creatures such as fay folk and Djinns to all the lands, the very same wars that saw the fall of the Royal House of Almasy .. and thus the fall of the entire kingdom to darkness. The current guardian ... named after his grand-father .. who was named for his grand-father .. and so on and so forth to the first ... is both a creature of the purest light .. and the darkest dark ... a Great Dead spirit existing within him, from an accident at birth .. in which he was cast into the river even before birth ..and his father crossed over to save him .. but he had allready been snatched up by a Mordicant .. and as his father pulled him back to the border .. the deamon came with him .. and as he was thrust back into life .. so was the spirit ... only trapped in his body. From time to time his paracite .. which earned him the nickname Dark Child by his family .. rears its ugle head and tried to precuade him to commit horrid atrocitys ... but most of the time he is able to resisit the tempation .. though as of late .. as the Great Wars once again draw neigh ... his spirit has been aiding him .. for if the Host dies .. so dose the paracite.
Abhorsen the King