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Family is the thing that one misses the most, especialy when you've had none.
JP is'nt the " Tourtured Soul" you see on TV, or walking down the allys begging for compainionship. Oh no, he is one of the more fortunate ones who managed to keep most of his family alive during the dark years. ( Except for his parents, who died of VERY old age.)
He has a sister, samantha , who lives in one of the big citys...where I can't remember; and a brother, who's back home running the family bookstore.
But, more important than that. He finds freinds and family among the Mystic Druids of Rhydin. Well, acculy he finds friends and family among all the people of Rhydin.

(Sorry there is'nt much here...don't know what else to say)