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Dos Bandidos Mexican Cantina

The Dos Bandidos Mexican Cantina Welcome To a place where good times and great fun come served with the best in Mexican food.

Here you can kick back and relax without being pestered to buy somthing.The soft earthn tones and traditinal Mexican tapestrys give the cantina a plesent atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. We also offer the finest in Tequilla and other such drinks for a reasonable price. (For those of us who need a little help unwinding.;-D)
If your in need of a roof over your head and a place to lay your head we have 15 rooms, all fully furnished with king size bed and your own fireplace, and one honeymoon suit with its own private jucuzie. And for those long, hot summer night theres a pool to cool your heels in surounded by a patio. So come on down and check outDos Bandidos Mexican Cantina