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My Journey

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Thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to view my journey through visiting my journal entries and/or my photo journey.

So many things can go wrong in life and I have learned to focus on the good instead of the bad. That doesn't mean I forget the bad, I just don't focus on it. My family has been an awesome support to me and Weight Watchers has given me a whole new outlook on health.

In 2003 I joined Weight Watchers out of desperation. I was disgusted, depressed, and unhappy with myself after the weight gain from my first pregnancy. That pregnancy I ballooned from 165 pounds to a whopping 245. There was a complication during that pregnancy from Pre-eclampsia. I gave birth to a perfect baby boy in June of 2000. After he was born we quickly found out that I had a complication from delivery that left me unable to walk well for 3 months. My quad on my right leg would not work and I had no reflex in my knee. I was devastated that I would possibly not be able to run or play with my son. I couldn't even take care of him when I got home. I thank God that I was able to walk again and that no permanent nerve damage was done.

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In 2001 I found out that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which contributed to my lack of weight loss and infertility. After a miscarriage in March 2002 the weight fluctuated up and down. I would binge from my depression and work hard to lose the same 10 pounds over and over again. I finally decided that I was not about to let that keep me from looking and feeling great again.

In September of 2003 I reached lifetime at Weight Watchers weighing in at 168 pounds after starting at 192 the previous May. Our desire to have another child and my increased chances to conceive after losing the weight led us to infertility treatments and finally getting another bun in the oven in April of 2004. The infertility treatments let to a weight gain of 15 pounds and I was on track to a very manageable weight gain until I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa and put on bed rest for a portion of my pregnancy. However, in January 2005 I gave birth to my second child a beautiful girl.

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My first meeting back at Weight Watchers was the day after I left the hospital from birthing my darling daughter. I had lost all my pregnancy weight and was working on the infertility weight. However, I gained the weight back and now am working on losing 10 pounds at a time. My goal is to be at lifetime again by Christmas and to weigh 155 and look good in a bikini next summer.

In June of 2005 I finally decided to attempt to do one of the things I have always feared. I decided to start running. With the support from my friends on the Weight Watchers boards I have been sticking with it and have registered for my first 5K. I had been reminiscing about how I could not walk after having my son and remembered what a blessing it is for me to be active again. Taking this leap is hopefully the first in a long run of leaps.

UPDATE: We found out at the begining of April 2006 that, after 6 mos. of infertility treatments, we were indeed pregnant again. However, that baby is now gone forever in our hearts and memories. This has been terribly hard on me. I am doing my best to see the good in it all but I am having a hard time. We do plan on "trying" still but without the treatments. We are putting our trust only in God and His perfect timing.

As far as weight loss is very hard for me to want to take care of myself right now. I am struggling at times to eat and at other times I find myself eating without thinking about it. I have lost 11 pounds since our loss and do hope to get to a better weight soon!

My next weight loss goal is -15 pounds by May 23rd 2006.

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Updated May 1, 2006

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