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In loving Memory, Bonnie Ingram This page has been made in the loving memory of Bonnie Jean Ingram who passed away January 8th, who we will love, cherish and miss, and never forget.
It's not possible to forget someone like Bonnie. She was good, kind, honest, sweet, smart, funny, caring, and compassionate, and I could continue to just name off all of attributes, and not once think of one single negative thing to say about her.
She was brave and strong, and courageous, and she will be deeply missed by all of her friends and family.
We'll see you on Heaven's side, Bonnie.

We'll Miss You

We'll miss seeing you out on a beautiful day
We'll miss hearing your soft voice
We'll miss you at the class reunions
You'll never get to see But you won't be forgotten

We'll miss talking to you and sharing jokes
Hearing your laughter filling the room
We'll miss you when the sun shines bright upon the earth
Reminding us of the light that was in your eyes

We'll miss you when the storm has passed
And the clouds have that beautiful lining
As bright as your smile ever was

We'll miss you when we're feeling down
Remembering how you would hug your friends
And bring such peace and comfort

But most of all we'll miss you
When the world seems just a little too dark
A little too chaotic, and remember
That you always seemed to make things better

We'll miss you in all the little things
That we would want to share
We'll miss you in everything we do,
Wishing you were here to share,
But we'll never forget you.

~Angel Byars~

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