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~**LoEy'S pOeM pAgE**~
Wednesday, 25 June 2003

Nobody my age really knows what love is, but I know for sure that he girl’s definition is different from his…
But when we put the meanings together is it even close? Until we experience the real thing no one knows…
For now what I have is real it seems, because of all the happiness and joy he brings…
I look through my notebooks and all I see is his name, will this love stay forever the same?
Is this the real thing? I wish I knew, because I think about him with everything I do,
I know love has to be mutual, as I play in the game of love am I a fool?
Never knowing if his “I love you’s” are true, I carefully think about everything I do…
Never knowing when this love will abruptly end, I hope that he’ll always stay my best friend,
Being so comfortable around him, I know its love I have fallen in, I sit here hoping that love is not a joke, and that my heart wont soon be broke…
Closer and closer we come each day, “that we’ll happily stay together” is for what I pray,
I know for sure that it won’t last forever, but I do know that he longer the better…
No matter what happens, I will always love him, just remembering how much love I was in!

Posted by journal2/loey24 at 12:30 PM EDT
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!!LoEy'S PoEm pAgE!!
This is a page dedicated to my writing and my dear friend April.. lmao you know what i mean hun... since you are the only one reading this .. :: THE PAGE IS FOR GARRET:: lmao i had to get that out.. not all of the poems are posted yet but they will be in no time lol. Well gotta go more editing to do.. Love You Always!!!

Posted by journal2/loey24 at 12:23 PM EDT
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Oh I know I am addicted, to me you’re just like a drug, whenever I see you I know I get a high off your hug

My life doesn’t seem like it’ll be the same, alone without you, but somehow I know that I’ll make it through. It just seems to get way out of hand my addiction to you.

But now I hear the things you say and see the way you act. And I don’t really know if I’d ever take you back

The way I feel now I have never felt before, and I find myself thinking too much. Crying my eyes out puddles gathered on the floor…

To me your just like a drug when I was with you I got a high off your love, Just like a drug I don’t know CAN give you up…

Well I guess that’s not it, because I can I just don’t know if I could replace my best man,

Time I know will help me through, for now I’ll just have to keep my mind off you

I know for sure that I am “addicted” to you, I don’t think I can give you up… I hear your voice and see your smile and know I will forever be weak to your touch…
Anyone who has been addicted will know how I feel, I will have to give you up, let you fly away. I cant forever stay head over heels… I have to grow up…

Boy I wish love weren’t so hard, you get addicted and think you’ll soon be getting admitted to the ward… for a lifetime it seems I wont be able to stop thinking of you, I know that I have to but I am “addicted” to you.

Posted by journal2/loey24 at 12:10 PM EDT
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I dont know what happened i dont know why

I don’t know what happened, I don’t know why,
You got the feeling and I wanted to cry,
When I heard what you said to me,
“Would it be okay if we were just friends”
I knew that everything I had wanted had come to an end

Sitting here putting this all into words,
My chest feels heavy,
My eyes tear up,
Just thinking of the night that we broke up

“I don’t know what happened, I don’t know why,”
All of my friends told me as they held my head I cried

Just hoping, wishing, that you would turn around and say,
“It was a joke, cheer up,
your heart can now be mended,
no longer broken”

All this I thought,
Until I realized the jokes on me,
That I wasn’t what you wanted,
Why couldn’t I just see?

My friends helped me decide,
That yeah it was your choice,
Even if I thought it wasn’t so nice

To talk to you and hear what you think,
I wouldn’t be able to give enough,
Too bad for me we weren’t talking,
Boy did that make things tough

I thought I could tell you anything,
But when I did along with it what trouble did I bring?

Why you thought you couldn’t talk to me,
I guess will never be known,
The trust between us will have to once again be shown

You thought and thought,
About what you did and why,
Meanwhile I knew you were MY perfect guy,
Thinking of this, tears dropped from my eyes

Hoping we’d be together again,
The best part of this poem then began…

You came to me and put out your hand,
After that you were once again MY man

Together again,
So happy was I,
For the fifth time this poem I wanted to cry,
This time not out of sadness,
Not sorrow,
But JOY!

Posted by journal2/loey24 at 12:00 PM EDT
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*You And I*
«~You and I~»

You and I… perfect everyone says,
When I step back and take a look at us,
The same idea comes to my head

Together Forever is something I wish,
Too bad it’s not my choice,
You’ve proven me this

Together Forever I thought,
I hoped, I prayed,
Until came the day I wished would never come,
That Friday of hell was definitely not fun

But soon it came to you,
That what you did was wrong,
You made a mistake,
(I made this song)

To take me back,
You thought would fix it all,
When I knew you knew how I felt,
I wanted to bawl

Together Forever I thought we would be,
But that’s just what I wanted,
Why couldn’t I see

When you got to thinking,
And all of my friends spoke up,
You reconsidered the reason we broke up

I thought we could tell each other anything,
That little issues no problem would bring

Together Forever,
Back together again,
I hope we don’t break up ever again

Together Forever,
Now I hope we will be,
Now that I trust you and you trust me

Posted by journal2/loey24 at 11:59 AM EDT
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*I Love You*

I am writing this slowly crying the tears, that make me think of how much I wish you were here,

I don’t know why I cant just find something to do, something that’ll help me to keep my mind off you…

I feel like I am spending a lifetime trying to find, a way to get you back, meanwhile all this shits just throwing my life outta whack,

Why we never talk anymore I really don’t know? But I cry just thinking that our friendship if fading slow,

I don’t know why you even let me like you, I was just was waste of your time admit it because you know its true…

I loved you I swear and that I still do! I’m afraid that no matter what I’ll always love you,

Call me obsessive, possessive or weird, but I just want you to understand how much I cared,

No matter what you say or do it just never seems to fade, my love for you

I say that I like other people more, but its just a cover up because you shoved me out the door,

I don’t want our friendship to ever end, and maybe someday we pick up where we left off once again,

Now I am just cayying on about what I want and how much I cry, but Garret it the truth, without you I’d die…

You’ll never know what you mean to me, But for now I’ll just keep secretly writing to you, it’s the only way I can let my feelings free…

Posted by journal2/loey24 at 11:58 AM EDT
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