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John Bonham

John Bonham to me is one of the greatest drumers of all time. "Black Dog" is probably the most notable song that people recognize John the most, but if your a true Zeppelin fan all the song John had a hugh impact on. "Moby Dick" and "The Immigrant Song" to a name a few had John very noticeable as a drummer. Not to many drummers in bands get notice a lot, but he did. His drum stlye has something you had not heard before. Very heavy and strong made it a different sound to hear during the 70's. John was the one that got away, and many people miss him. His presence still lives through his son who also plays drumms to. Led Zeppelin said that they would never play again because of John's death, but many people have been saying that John son would fill in for his dad to have Zeppelin play again. Even if thoses rumors are true or not John Bonham was the heartbeat of that group.