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JN 14: 23-29
6th S. of Easter
 Note 1. Still: 'Jumpingly John' till 2nd S.after Pentecost when the Lectionary returns us to LK.
Note 2: JN 5: 1-9 is an alternative Gospel, but it seemed best to me to stay in the upper room.

Word is not 'word-iness', which is what we frequently make of it. As well as captive audiences that make our going on & on bearable by not really listening, dare one ask whether God Godself doesn't switch off too? Not that I imagine God takes much interest in our word-iness. After all, God is God's own Word! But I do wonder whether God doesn't take time out from all the word-iness of much of the praying that I hear going on & on. As well as the other tips passed on to would-be prayers (& preachers, too) maybe we should add the old familiar 'KISS': keep it simple (& short, too), stupid! I'm prepared to risk being irreverent & parody James: the prayer of a wordy person doth not avail much!

At the heart of God as Word is Creativity. Connect-ivity.When God speaks, something creative & connected to the Great Eternal Plan happens. As in the beginning. As in Jesus. As in us, when we are in Christ & Christ in us, by his Spirit. Jesus strongly connects 'word' & 'love' here. God's word is always love. The more we love, the more our word, springing from God's word, will be creative in its love. the more connected to people's needs of every kind.

It is the Spirit, God's 'Living reminder' (who first used that expression, based on this passage?) who activates not just the content of Jesus' word for us, but its love, its creativity. Then, no matter how much we fail, or someone fails us, we are at peace. God's kind of peace is creative; God's kind of love is connect-ive.

Jesus' blunt statement that he is "going away" is tempered by his equally confident "I am coming to you". No matter how well we interpret this coming again to people, at a practical level it seems to be over-ridden by the Creeds' insistence on futurising it in people's minds. We deperately need the Spirit as Reminder that there is no future Jesus without a very-much-present One. No future in Jesus without a present in Him too. This is as much part of God's Word as anything else God has ever spoken & made happen.

Jesus' insistence on the Father as a more important point of reference than himself draws me to him ever more strongly in this day of over-inflated-ego-mania. That Jesus, in all humility, 'knows his place', confirms his authenticity as much as anything else he says & does.