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God Has Feeling, Too!

Written by: Sheila K. Thomas
Copyright 1990

A Mighty Heavenly Authority
Rules past the gates on High
This same Holy One
At times like myself, sits down to cry

As a harsh word escapes our lips
To tear down another soul
Little by little His pain sets in
Our spoken words were out of control

As we hurry to start a new day of work
So busy with not time to pray
God tries to dry his tears
As our heart goes further astray

No living breath could fathom
The reality of Godís amazing, incredible love
How honored and privileged the angels must feel
To fly around in His Kingdom above

Another tear falls from the sky
As unborn lives are being taken
God feels their terror, and hears their cries
As His tender heart is breaking

God was working a miracle
When a sudden pain shot through his spine
As a bullet went sailing through someoneís head
He grieved in tears no one could define

Donít under estimate Godís personality
In a very special way Heís like you
God has a heart that can be broken
You see, God has feelings, too!