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Diana Princess of Wales


I was watching television in September 1984 and the news was live , the press were waiting for Diana to leave hospital with Prince Harry, I thought this is history put a tape in my video and that's how it all started.  I had watched the Royal Wedding of course and followed the stories of Diana and Charles , bet seeing Diana that day with Prince Harry something clicked and I was totally fascinated .


Over the years I collected many books, newspapers and magazines , I taped everything on TV as was totally enthralled by Diana . In 1988 I was lucky enough to see her in person , which was a day to remember My fascination never died.  Over the years I loved to follow Diana and see her beautiful gowns and her  kindness really shone through to me. She was someone very special . On Saturday August 30th 1997 I put the latest newspaper cuttings and magazines into my loft to add to my collection, never dreaming what the next day would bring .  I had loved seeing Diana so happy in the summer of 1997 and felt she looked at her best .

Sunday August 31st the phone rang it was my sister telling me the news , I couldn't believe it and as I watched the TV that day I couldn't believe what I was seeing . How could Diana have died , it was total disbelief and heartbreaking .

I never dreamed that I would be collecting the newspapers and magazines about her death the headlines hard to bare. My Diana collection took on a different meaning from that day. At first I vowed never to collect anything tacky that had her face on it. The magazines newspapers and books were endless for a while but when they became scarcer I found myself wanting to collect other things. On a trip to London I started buying Diana souveniers from the shops there, I felt by buying the things it was a rememberence of Diana. A friend in the USA got me my first Diana plate and it was so beautiful I wanted to get more. I have manged to get many of the plates in my collection but still have many more to collect. I Trreasure my collection and love to look through the things, I do have a Diana room where I have a display and change it from time to time. I wanted to do these webapages so I could see my things whenever I wanted and show my friends what I have got. Its also a way of cataloging the items. .


This is a tribute to Diana

Thanks for the memories

Love Julie