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Julie James



Holly                                                           Dale

                       (One of those special times that I was allowed on the bed!)                            (Sleepy after tons of swimming at our lake in Calistoga!)


“Oh boy! We LOVE our Julie!  Out of our entire, big, loving family, Julie definitely spoils us the most… We get to come into the living room and sit at her feet while she does her homework, she gives us the best scraps, and sometimes, she’ll even let us sleep on the bed!  She is very loving and is always willing to help us and any others in her life.  We, along with the rest of her family, mean the world to her and she shows it!  She lives with her parents, brothers, and us, and we all have a great time together.  Sometimes we worry about her though because she gets very anxious and stressed easily.  We are always trying to get her to calm down and play with us when she gets like that, which usually works.  If not, other ways that she can relax are by watching the Giants, listening to music, and hanging out with her brothers… she has four!!!  Our Julie may not be the best at everything, but we know she tries her best and that’s what is important to us!  Well, and also that she keeps bringing Walter over.  Walter is Julie’s boyfriend; he LOVES playing ball with us!!!  He’s been coming around here for over 2 years and always throws us a few.  Julie is a great person who, as you can tell, is surrounded by massive amounts of love and that’s what keeps her strong.  We have faith in her and all that she’ll do in life.”



Hello, I’m Julie.  I thought I would explain the importance of the pictures you see to you and how they pertain to my life and me.  Those two you just heard from are not just my puppies, but also my babies, they mean the world to me.  The Lake that Dale is referring to belongs to my family.  My grandfather bought the property many years ago and passed it down to his grandchildren.   It is perfect for camping, swimming and relaxing.  It is sacred to my family because it is where the ashes of our family member’s who have passed are spread.  I have also included pictures of my family.  They are what keep me going and keep me strong.  We don’t always get along perfectly, but no matter whet, we never stop caring for and loving each other.  No matter what happens during the day, I know that I can always turn to my family for unconditional love.  The picture of Walter and I is to show how crazy I can get, that I love the Giants and to show my second half.  Sometimes I think that Walter has half of my brain and I half of his, we know each other so well.   He is my best friend, and its always fun to show off your love! 


My parents, brothers, the newest addition, a sister, and I.

From left to right: Joseph, Jacob, Julie, Justin, Jenny, John, Joella, and Jeff.

(Yes, all “J” names.  My brother even married a “J”!)


Walter and I celebrating at Pac-Bell Park after Barry hits 661, passing his godfather’s homerun record.


One goal that I would like to accomplish is learning to be more organized.  As my babies told you, I am often anxious, worried and stressed (sometimes even when there is nothing to feel that way about!) and If I can learn better organizational skills, perhaps that would lesson those feelings.  I am a very worried person; I worry about everything, which is why I included this hiding child because sometimes I wish I could hide from all the worry and stress!



I am taking an online class because I am taking microbiology and physiology at COM and it doesn’t leave much more time during the weekdays to attend another class there.  I am taking prerequisites for a dental hygiene program, and am trying to get as much accomplished as I can so that I can start the program sooner, so I didn’t want to wait until next semester to take English.  I am just so excited to start cleaning and flossing teeth!






Julie James