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My Spiritual Journey


"A spiritual journal of true thoughts"

By April Scott


(This is my true story of how YHWH began works in my life.)


   It's like I've crossed over a huge wall.  There is really no order in change over to YHWH.  YHWH knows of no time in " The New World."  When humankind speeds up, they can't see truth.  Only what they imagine is a friendly, naturally set up world.  Disillusioned, paralyzed to the real thing, their world is normality. 

   My world has slowed.  I have stood back to watch the beast, it roars off into the distance, ringing in my ears.  My stomach twirls, my heart aches as it enslaves.  Just a mirage of life, it engulfs humankind into lies in exchange for chaos. 

    They persecute the smaller prey for show and tell.  A bird can only keep its' wings from the open, fresh sky for so long.  Those kind continue possessing for weakness sake.  Own something or break down!  YHWH knows that would be horrible.  If you'd only bring YHWH into your life. 

     Their vehicles are racing through life.  Put your foot on the pedal and time accelerates.  Invention leads to yet another friend of the beast.  Why do they have to race through the labyrinth of life? Satan has his sweaty hands on your mind, as you think that point A to B will actually be the pot at the end of the rainbow.

      Once you do, ticket your soul in, thick, black walls in-cave eternally.  You're a slave to society's big money, man's YHWH, govern all, rule all.  Work for some dog higher than the next.  We are playing dominoes in a fake world.


       Are we really talking to each other? Or is it a fragment of our imagination?  Are your lips really moving?  Is it conversation or dreams?  Telepathy might be part of it, I don't know.  Listeners are angels of YHWH, and talkers are hand puppets for Satan.  Why not make zippers for lips?  Talk when absolutely important.  I know mouths were made for speaking, but are the words really sound?  Questions, questions, questions!!!!!  Or are they echoes of eternal syllables?  Oh well, I don't talk that much. 

        They open the book of curiosity to grasp the antidote of wisdom, to face fate in return.  We will pay for their consequences in death's eyes. 

         I tend to watch people exchange who they are.  They speak of dreams and truth.  Most talk is irrelevant to what should be said.  I transfix myself into psychology in a chain of reaction.  Moods alter, and words trail into the dark paths of my mind.  Maybe, I should be a listener for someone else's journal, but that would be false... right? Learning is a process of humanity. It keeps coming until it strangles your mind.  Well, just until you can't take knowledge anymore, you teach it.  Some people have the ability to give lectures, others simply have advice.  To all of you advisers, don't just sit and not put in yours.  Go for what hales you.  Remember to let it have meaning, and be precisely to the point.  The lecturers feed on small talk.  This is psychology in my mind.