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Jonatan's Judgment Day House Party Journal!

Okay... so the website I through together in 20 minutes looks really shitty. Oh well. I'm sure you'll still find it EXTREMELY interesting... *coughhiccupcough*. I'm also going to steal pictures other people took once I find them... cuz I didn't take a picture of EVERYTHING. Anyway, enjoy.

Day 1

Well hot damn! Lots of stress, turmoil, and hard work on everybody's party finally paid off... it's house party time! My flight was at 6:45am... and Frontier (the airline) said to be there two hours early. Haha, yea... fuck you too. I waited at the gate for about an hour before it was finally time to board. My mom at this point was still really worried that I'd get molested or something... she actually got tears in her eyes. Well, I could already tell the world was against me because I couldn't sleep on the plane... but the person sitting next to me did. Time to bring out the CD player. I pretended to be asleep when they brought the food by. Muffins. Who wants to eat a muffin at 7am? Seriously. So I arrive at Denver... I made myself laugh by going up and down the walkways a few times... then I went to sit down for my connecting flight to San Diego. One thought immediately entered my mind. "In less than two hours, I'll get to sneak up on Brig and give her a big hug." Ha. The irony of it all. Anyway, I get the aisle seat this time, thank god. This is my third time in a plane, the novelty of seeing clouds has passed me by... now it's all about leg room. However, guess who I get seated next to? A newly engaged woman and her mother... seeing her for the first time in six months. Oh yea, fuck you Frontier. I was going to pull out the headphones, but being the darn well swell guy I am... I say "I couldn't help overhearing... congratulations on your engagement." I hate myself. THIS flight had bagels, oh yea, score. And they gave me cream cheese. I've never had cream cheese before... but I thought, "Hey, if it gives me gas, I can always blame it on Tim." So, I had cream cheese. Go me. So I arrive at the airport... the first thing I hear is, "Please meet your party at the baggage claim as the gate area is only accessible to ticketed passengers only." So I shit myself. I don't know if it was the cream cheese, or the fact that it was Brig's and mine's plan to meet her at the gate... and she wasn't going to move from her seat at the gate until I came and got her. Yep, probably the cream cheese. Oh my god, a whole paragraph on my flight out here. I'm sorry. I'm just really long winded. Yep, that's probably the cream cheese too.

So I'm basically pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to do to pick up Brig. I get my ti- wits about me and go pick up my luggage... and zoom over to the other terminal. I'm praying like a good atheist should that Brig will hear the message and come down to baggage claim. So I go to where she would come down from her gate... and stand there for about twenty seconds before this guy walks up to me and says "Hey how's it going?" What the fuck? I tilt my head to the side and am like "Tim? Face Stabber?" He didn't have his infamous beard on him. So yea, fuck me. Anyway, I'm already feeling comfortable and normal again... I could tell just by talking with Tim for a few minutes I was going to have the time of my life. Then of COURSE he has to bring up the subject of Brig. So yes... we're not even at the party and there's already a crisis on our hands. It turns out the flight from Chicago Brig was on (She went from Montreal to Chicago. Then Chicago to San Diego) was delayed about fifteen minutes, because of rain. So we waited it out, and hoped she would show up. After the pilots came down... I started getting really worried. (Sure, if you ask Tim, he'll tell you I was flipping out with worry the whole time... but he's lying, I swear, he is!) So I decide it's time to go bug the old guy at the information desk. I tell him the situation, and he says I should make a page. So we have a page made for her. We wait another thirty-five minutes... and I go back to the desk. The gray hairs are already growing. So I ask if we can send someone up to look for her... he says he'll go. Yay! I'm full of glee! She'll be found! But, alas... the world is still against me. He comes down with no Brig. The NEXT thought that enters my mind is that there is no "Brig". And she's not who she says she is... and all that. Which REALLY sucked... because she's like one of my best friends. So, after waiting at the airport for two hours total... I tell Tim that I think it's time to leave. And if she does ever show up, she'll be smart enough to take a taxi over. So... I'm sulking... but yay! It's time for my first taxi ride ever! And it's someone with an accent! Go figure!

So Tim and I get in the cab... and start talking about poor Brig. On the way there, all I could notice was all the palm trees. Sure, I expected there to be some... but not in the downtown part of the city! That's just crazy talk! So it's all fine and dandy... then when we see the convention center, a train comes across. So it was either pay a million dollars to wait for the train to pass or rough it for a block. So we got our stuff out... in the middle of the street. Very exciting stuff I tell ya. Anyhoo, we called Vic up on his cell, because we were going to meet him to throw our bags in the EP van. And naturally, he can't hear us... bad connection or something. So we huddle behind a statue and try again. SUCCESS! We went up and waited for Vic. When he came out, I was almost suprised I was so comfortable with it. Like... when I talked to Laura at the Dew Den, I was a bit nervous. But... I considered Vic a bud anyway because I talk to him all the time on Xbox Live. So it was like I was finally meeting a friend... so that was snazzy. The FIRST thing he says to me... "Have you lost weight?" I'm serious. Dead serious. What the fuck kind of a greeting is that? "Hey Face Stabber? Hey, how's it going man. Bubbley! Have you lost weight?" But it's all good up in the hood. So we started our eight block hike to the van. It started to drop rain. And by drop... I mean... less than sprinkle. Like... a water drop here... a water drop there. It probably wouldn't even registers on the precipitation meter. But what does Vic do? He pulls out his umbrella. What a fartnut. I mentioned something about it... and he's like "yea, I just can't get my makeup messed up." So Tim and I were like "wow..." and he says... AND I QUOTE... "I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm fucking vain!" Well, we arrived where he said it was. Now I'm expecting a half-semi truck... with the EP logo on the side. But it's a rental mini-van. I'm like wowzas! Or GADZOOKS as certain undisclosed people would say. But yes, we put our stuff in there... and prepared for the journey back to Comic-Con!

So Vic goes in his secret BatCave entrance, and we go to find the place to register. Tim mentioned how easy it would be to steal a bag of pretzels. I wish he did steal them. I'd force him to make his custom "the michevious pretzel burglar". Anyway... we find where we're supposed to register, and fuck yes, I get in for $12 cuz I'm 16! YAY TEAM! Then... all of a sudden... Tim's cell phone rings. BUM BUM BUMMMMMMM! And, it's Brig. BUM DIDDLEY DIDDLEY BUM BUM DIDDLE SQUIDDLE BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I guess she was hysterical, so I just took the phone from Tim. And sure enough, she was freaking out. But, then again, why wouldn't she be? It turns out her original flight from Montreal to Chicago was cancelled. So she had to get an even later flight from Chicago to San Diego... which landed TWENTY MINUTES AFTER TIM AND I LEFT! Remember in the first paragraph how the first thought that entered my head was sneaking up and giving Brig a big hug? And I said it was ironic? Now you know why. So, I try to calm her down and am like "Okay, okay. Here's what you got to do? Are you with me? Okay? Calm down. It'll be alright." I told her to ger her bags, where to find a taxi, and then where to meet us at Comic-Con.

So Tim and I kind of walked through the Con... and then we got seperated. Oh yea, that was great. He was gonna check out the autograph tables, and I was going to try and find the exit. So, we got totally seperated. NOT fun. So, I head down to try and find Brig. But... no luck. I sat out there for 45 minutes before I gave up. At one point I SWORE I thought I saw her... but the girl had glasses on. And I KNEW Brig didn't wear glasses. *starts to sing "Ironic" by Alanis Morisette*. So I went back in to try and find everyone... but I ran into Andrew instead! Now, this was like... extra special cool for me. I've known Andrew for nearly four years now. And... when I found out I was coming to California (he lives in Downey, CA) I told him we HAD to meetup! So I was like SOOO excited when I saw him. We embraced in one of those masculine handshake hug things... and I started telling him about what I was doing. Which came out very fast. But... I think he got the jest of how I was scouring down all the hallways looking for Brig, Tim, Tommy or Vic. So... my first few minutes with my really good friend for four years consisted of walking in front of him hustling around. So... I finally decided we should go outside and wait for Brig some more. We talked for a while, then Tim showed up. He said he found Tommy and Vic and talked with em for a minute... then I asked if he could go back in and get the keys to the van if Brig ever shows up. At this point... I was dying of thirst... so I went in and got water for myself and Andrew... $2.50 for a bottle of water which I glugged down in one tip. Tim came back out with the keys. We waited like another half an hour... before I was like... "Okay, it's been another two hours. SOMETHING happend. We just have to wait for her to call. In the meantime, let's go get lunch." So we run back inside... FINALLY find Vic, and tell him what we're doing. And, that was the first time I saw Tommy there... the hilarious thing was... he did kind of a double take and then he realized who I was. So yea, we talked for a minute or two... then Andrew, Tim, and I set off for lunch. We stopped at a little cafe place... where I bought a super huge big thing of pop, and a chicken caesar salad. I guess they were freaked out because IIIIIIIIIII actually bought something HEALTHY. The truth is, I'm a fairly healthy eater... and I don't eat that much. I'm just fat because I drink a LOT. Like... I'm talking at least four cans of pop a day... plus a lot of milk. That's what gets me. BUT ANYWAY... yes... pop and a salad. They also made fun of the fact that I called it pop. Pop. Not soda. Trust me. You don't want to hear "soda" continuously with a Minnesotan accent. It's against the law. So anyway, we ate. They NATURALLY found a "Showgirls" newspaper. Tsk tsk Andrew... not being a good Christian now, are we? ;). But yes, lunch was a blast... I got to bond with Tim and Andrew some more. YAY TEAM! The subject turned back to Brig... and me getting worried about her. But it also turned back to the fact that it was like 2pm and we only had five hours left to check out the Con. So we headed back to the convention center... made another quick sweep to look for Brig... then decided to just check it out and hope Brig would find a payphone. We tried to find the EP crew... and eventually did after another half hour. I met David (WldCard). I saw him before... but didn't know it was him. He had blonde streaks in his hair. *sigh* So Californian of him. ;). But yes, so we talked for a bit. I wet myself because there was a big station about a new Transformers video game. I LOVED the Transformers when I was little. So I got a poster! YAY! So we talked to Cary (the camera guy), Vic, and David about the Adventures of JDers: Case of the Missing Brig. I saw them tape a segment of the show... so that was neato. Then David asked me to go over to a table for a raffle he entered, but couldn't go himself because he had to do something for Vic or something. So as I'm about to go over... BUM DIDDLEY DIDDLEY BUM DIDDLE SQUIDDLE... Tim's cell phone rings again.