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Stacy Cemetery Photos

Pat Ella Smith
Harriet G. Freeman
Ernest Huston Stacey
James H. & Sally L. Stacey
Arthur L. & Martha Ann Stacy
Billy G. & Shirley Stacy
Billy Joe Stacy
Cleo Stacy
Brothers Dennis & Ronald Stacy
Elmer Jo Stacy
Ernest Hugh Stacy
Harold W. Stacy
Jimmy L. Stacy
John H. & Lucindy Stacy
Lester & Cleo Stacy
Paul Harold & Carol Stacy
Shelly J. Stacy
Susie Stacy
William O. Sr. & Frannie Stacy
Willie D. & Alta Stacy
Arthur Lee Stacy
Betty Jean Rice Sullivan
Ethel S. Taylor
More Photos from Stacy Cemetery

Thank you for visiting my page! I purposely did not post the photos if both individuals on the tombstone were still living. Some stones do have the names of their children, but I didn't post them here either to respect their privacy. My email is All photos were taken on June 9, 2003. All photos are posted freely and are to be shared freely. The photos are not to be sold in any way, shape or form without my written permission and/or consent. Thanks, Lisa Great Grand-daughter of Doxie Lee Hammock and Rilla Avie Stacy