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Misc Photos from Lynn Cemetery In Burristown, Jackson County, TN


Fowler Barnes & Lillie K. (Suttles)
Lillie K. Barnes d/o Phillip E.
Onie Delois Barnes (d/o Fowler and Lillie K. Barnes)
Ova Barnes (d/o Doxie Lee Hammock and Rilla Avie Stacy)
Ona Burks(d/o Doxie Hammock and Avie Stacy)
Elmer Esters Hammock (s/o Doxie Lee and Rilla Avie Hammock)
J.D. Hammock, Sr.(Believed to be the son of Doxie and Avie Hammock)
Father of Charolette Joe Hammock
Benny Clay Hammock Father of Charlette Joe
Jasper Lee Hammock(Son of Doxie and Avie Hammock)
Billy L. Hammock
Cecil W. Hammock
Louise & Daltie Hammock
Mr. Leslie Mitchell Hammock
Jeff D. Hammock
Lizzie Stallings/Wife of Jeff D. Hammock
Lloyd H. Hammock (Brother to Jeff D. Hammock; father John Hammock)
Lilia (Stallings) Hammock (Sister To Lizzie/Wife of Lloyd H. Hammock)
Judy Faye Hammock
Louisa Hammock
Tite Hammock
Tite Hammock(Closeup)
Polly Ann Hammock(?Lloyd Hammock's sister?)
Last Seven Photos from Lynn Cemetery for now

Thank you for visiting my page!!! If you know of a spouse or parents to any individuals on any of my pages, let me know and I'll put it on here! At some point I will go back to the Lynn Cemetery located by the Burristown Church of Christ, and take a complete listing of who is there -- just like with the Stacy Cem., Flynn Cem., & the Old Antioch Cemetery. For now though, you have these photos, and seven more will be on the next page. Little Lisa (