Wedding Night

I came out of the bathroom and leaned against the doorframe. A dark green silk covered the sides of my tummy, my butt, and formed a small crop top over my breasts. Black fishnet material connected the silk, covering the top of my breasts, the front of my stomach, and my upper thighs, making lose fitting fishnet shorts. The tight fitting outfit slid comfortably over my body as I made my way over to my newly wed husband on the king size bed. His eyes trailed up my body, his eyes undressing the few parts of me that were covered. I crawled on top of him with my butt in the air, putting my lips onto his.

I almost died and went to heaven when I saw her standing there wearing so little for the very first time. The way she moved across the room to me, with her muscular legs is a moment in time I will never forget, imprinted in my mind for life. The untamed look on her face made me shiver as she started climbing up on me. I already had a massive boner by then. The wild glimmer in her eyes showed her longing and lust as she rested her lips on mine, and it didn't take me long to shake off the shock and take the hint as we started our most passionate kiss yet. I ran my fingers through her reddish hair, still wet from the shower, and pulled her even closer to me. The bottom of her breast, only covered with fishnet, rubbed against my bare chest as I pressed her harder into me. Her leg wrapped around me and her thigh slid slowly over my hip. I felt myself grow even harder.

I wanted him so bad. It was more than lust and longing, I loved this man. I felt myself go hot inside as I let myself go. He wrapped his arms around me, placing his big hands at my waist, letting his fingers fondle the ends of my hair as he pulled me closer on his warm chest. I held myself up with one hand and pushed my other hand under the thick black of his red hot chilly pepper boxers.

“You are so beautiful…” I whispered in her ear. My voice was thick and almost caught in my throat as I expressed my truest thoughts out loud. Her lips turned into a grin of an angel and she smiled up at me. I kept one of my hands on her thin waist and the other trailed up and was placed gently on her soft breast. My thumb circled her big dark nipple and she moaned out my name as both her nipples went hard, the other pressed hard against my chest. She has such huge breasts.

His huge hand was almost able to fully cup my 34ddd sized breast. His warm hand felt like heaven against my moist breast from the shower. My thigh slipped hard between his legs and he swallowed hard. I continued to slowly press myself up against his boxers as his hands fumbled over my body and grabbed the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head and letting my full breasts free. He lifted me up easily and laid me down. Pulling off his boxers as he went crawling on top of me. He was on me so very fast; I don't think I can describe it any other way. He wanted me and he wanted me now.

I couldn’t take the fondling and teasing anymore, I was going mad. I laid her on her back, boxers forgotten on the floor, and started sucking hard on her nipple. She obviously liked it, moaning, and arching her back to try and get more of herself into my mouth. My hand roughly searched between her legs and grabbed her sex, cupping it into my hands. I pressed and pushed against her pussy until she was thrusting and moaning loudly. I then slipped off her shorts, placing my hand between her legs.

His huge hands drove me crazy! Wett precum flowed freely between my legs, going down my thigh. My heart pounded in my chest as he did stuff to me Id never have imagined, while his mouth still on my nipple and his hand starting to push faster and harder. I must have screamed, his hands went to my fishnet shorts.

Her shorts stuck a little to her wetness but that didn’t stop me, it drove me faster. As I pulled off her little shorts, my head reached her thighs, licking off the cum from her thigh and slit. She held onto my head and moaned and mumbled stuff that I'm sure not even she knew what she was saying. Her sweaty hands grabbed at my black hair and tried to push me further in her pussy. Her sweet tasting juices are what drove me further, as I sucked her essence up. She climaxed and screamed. I left her cum there as I moved to mount her.

Time stood still as his tongue lapped at me and I was thrown into a bliss coma of passion. My hips rocked toward him and I screamed in my first climax ever given to me by anyone but myself. It felt as if heaven itself had been wrapped around me and I was carried above cloud nine. I thought the cum would help me get into her but she was tighter than I ever imagined possible. I was fully erect and hard as a rock. My nine inches wouldn't fit. Her hands ran down my bare chest, over my six pack and reached down to massage my balls. I used one hand to hold me above her and the other to open her soaked pussy lips wide. I let her place the tip of my shaft onto her hot pussy hole and I pushed.