My New Extention

-08/08/03- (Friday)

-07/29/03- (Tuesday)

Only you, you're the only thing I'll see forever
In my eyes in my words and in everything I do
Nothing else but you

And there's nothing for me but you
Every sight that I see is you

you, you

Always you, every thought I'll ever know
Everywhere I go you'll be

All the world is only you and me

Tonight, tonight
It all began tonight
I saw you and the world went away

Tonight, tonight
There's only you tonight
What you are, what you do, what you say

Today, all day I had the feeling
A miracle would happen
I know now I was right

For here you are
And what was just a world is a star

Tonight, tonight
The world is full of light
With suns and moons all over the place

Tonight, tonight
The world is wild and bright
Going mad
Shooting sparks into space

Today, the world was just an address
A place for me to live in
No better than all right

But here you are
And what was just a world is a star

Good night, good night
Sleep well and when you dream
Dream of me

-07/26/03- (Saturday)

Iím waiting in the dark
Weíre not going anywhere
Life is like this
Honestly promise me Iíll never find you faking
Can I make it anymore obvious
Marry me today
No one likes to be alone
Turn my back on everything
Tomorrow is another day
Is it enough to love
Iím searching for the words inside my head
In this head my thoughts are deep

-07/14/03- (Friday)

i am familiar with hell now, yeah

-07/08/03- (Tuesday)

Tomorrow is kw's birthday, happy birthday to her. lets hope the hacking goes okay.

-06/08/03- (Sunday)

Heather Herrera
3020 Hillrise Dr.
Las Cruces NM 88011

-05/14/03- (Wendsday)

good day good day, lots of hugs, and a slobbery hamburger. socks is dead though.

-05/04/03- (Sunday)

-no, you're the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen
-to know you're mine..
-its wonderful
-more then wonderful
-makes me want to cry

Confession Of The Sunday: Im not afraid of fireworks.

-04/30/03- (Wendsday)

no i havent 4gotten you. just feels as if this would be the best place for the count down im silently doing till moving day. meaning i wanna stay as far away from this place as possible.

-03/14/03- (Friday)

heres the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wage my tail when it comes i wanna wail maaaaaaaaaaaaaaail!!

-03/12/03- (Wendsday)

-03/07/03- (Friday)

-03/05/03- (Wendsday)

lil behind in our classes but the relationship is goin great. Rose day

-02/24/03- (Monday)

Things To Do In An Elevator

1. When theres only 1 other person in the elvator tap 'em on the shoulder n' then pretend it wasnt you

2. Drop a pen and wait until someone goes to pick it up, then scream "That's mine!"

3. Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering "Shut up, all of you, just shut up!"

4. Crack open your purse, and while peering inside ask "Got enough air in there?"

5. Drop a marble and say "SHOOT my glass eye!"

6. Stare grinning stupidly at another passenger for a while and then announce "I've got new socks on."

-02/23/03- (Sunday)

-02/20/03- (Thursday)


-02/19/03- (Wendsday)

Roses day. Mother has tummy flu.

-02/17/03- (Monday)

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee

-02/12/03- (Wendsday)

Almost my birthday! Roses start today.

-02/10/03- (Monday)

Blah Happy birthday jennifer.

Im engaged!!

-02/08/03- (Saturday)

The truth isn't true until someone believes it,
And I believed every last word you never said.
A figment of my imagination,
And a lie to the core,
You became everything I wanted you to be
Inside my head.
And I fell in love with that perfection inside my head.
You saw through me and conformed to my imagination
Only to break me in the end.

And now I love you for everything you never have been, And never will be.
And I miss the person you never were.
And I long to feel the touch I never felt.
And I cherish the memories we never made.
And I still believe every last word you never said.

Havent had much time for much lately. too much to do, too many things to get done. Only page Ive really taken the time to update is the lyric page. sorry.

-02/03/03- (Monday)

I'm not supposed to love you,
I'm not supposed to care,
I'm not supposed to live my life,
wishing you were there.

I'm not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do,
I'm sorry I just can't help myself,
I fell in love with you..

-02/02/03- (Sunday)

Happy One Month Anniversary Love

-01/25/03- (Saturday)

Sex in a bathroom stall lol new but hmm... nice? very nice.

-01/20/03- (Tuesday)

Over wellemed!! cant do everything, only one person! no time to write no time no time! too much hw and then obligations, so many of those. no time sorry no time. must see kw, mustdo 4 history projects must figure out wtf the math teacher is talking about must please science teacher must say hello to socks, nono cant forget anything gotta go no time no time...

-01/20/03- (Monday)

My blankys white again!!

Lots to do before my one month annaversary

-01/15/03- (Wendsday)

bringin the date home to meet mom... fun times...

-01/11/03- (Saturday)

Im so happy... Im scared.

-01/08/03- (Wendsday)

Im not so alone anymore

Dance class sucks ass, fuckin ppl r pissin me off...

Oh! and tomorrow is our one week aniversary!

-01/06/03- (Monday)

all alone

-01/02/03- (Thursday)

A new year, lots of choices to make. I started this eyar with what? tj, problems with my best friend kw, erika, gaming.. and now I'm start this year out here, in Hayward with kw, aj, tim, mikey, jose, kim, thomas, sally, nancy, matt, shella, bud, socks, monica, mr dagel, my art club... i end this year with what? god knows. but these last 6 months I have here with these things... i am planning on living these last 6 months. and I am planning on spending that time living with my Love. whether it be for 6 months or one night. it is better to have loved then to have never loved at all. Oh and happy birthday aj

-12/24/02- (Monday)

I know, I know this is Monday so we should stick wit brown BUT this is Christmas Eve so we're gonna get a lil rebel here and do some Christmas Colors. If u have any compliants (comments questions and compliments r also welcomed) send em too thanks.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! !! Ive never enjoyed the family thing but presents always balance all that bad stuff out, makin this my favorite time of year. I hope u got everything ya wanted and if ya didnt, then I hope ya got enough money to go out and buy it urself while the Christmas sales r still goin!

-12/14/02- (Sunday)

Man I cant believe Ive neglected this page so much! I update almost every day, just not this page lol and this is the most important part of the webthingy! well heres some links to the pages I have been working on:
Theres the Lyric page. It has a few new songs on there.
Heres my profile on AIM
of course u guys have to check this one at least once a day.
I added a few new things on this page, and of course there are "other links"

And here is my x-mas page again for those of you who dont know what to get me. x-mas is coming!

-11/28/02- (Thursday)

heres my trip to new mexico for thanx givin.

-11/26/02- (Tuesday)

er.. I found rios beanie

-11/25/02- (Monday)

-11/23/02- (Saturday)

Good ol' game of truth or truth...

-11/22/02- (Friday)

My goodness. This month has been long. For all of you guys who keep asking, no Im no longer with Mikey. Hes old news I guess. Not even the last person I played with, and if ur gonna judge me bout that, guess what? JOIN THE CLUB CUZ I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK OR SAY. Anyways I just got back from a play with Tim, it was great. Kws asleep already, I miss her so!

go on and close the curtains... cuz all we need is candle light... well we know Im goin away... and how I wish it werent so... Stay tonight...come tomorrow... tomorrow I'll be gone... stay tonight... tomorrow I'll be gone... it arnt esay to say goodbye.. and lord i wish it wasnt so...

Yeah check out my Lyrics page its the spinning CD link.

-11/07/02- (Thursday)

Damn, rain rain rain! I love the rain.

Siiiiiiinging in the raaaaaaaaiiiin!!!

Here is what I want for Christmas:

-11/03/02- (Sunday)

and a beer


New month new additions! We're goin full color codes now baby! That way this page is a lil more.. Colorful? yes! thats the word mocking bird, Colorful! And from now on, whenever the word Colorful is used on this site, it will be capitilized!
Monday: Brown
Tuesday: Blue
Wednesday: Pink
Thursday: Purple
Friday: Green
Saturday: Orange
Sunday: Yellow


Let my trye love be revealed to me.


~@~A Conversation With Ken~@~

"can I have ur number?"
"come on... please?"
*silence on my end of the phone*
"so.. can I have ur number...?"


There is a time in everyones life when things shift and people around you think you've changed but its not you, its your enviroment. How can a fish live outside of water?

Feeling Of The Moment:I feel as if a huge sour spot has been removed from my heart without effert and I can breathe and walk and talk again without crying and wanting to die instead of suffering a toture worse than death that Ive induldged myself with on purpose b/c I truely believe I deserve such torment.


Rip out my heart and stare it down
Stop me from breathing
Hold me away and glare
Throw sharp objects
And then come back and give me a hug
For I am forever yours

-Me sitting down on the carpet in my room in a pile of toe socks-
-Mother enters room-
Mother: What are you doing?
Me: I am taking a break.
Mother: I thought you were cleaning.
Me: I was sorting toe socks.

I used to give kisses freely
but for you their was a price for you ingested my soul
just when my heart
was packed on ice.
Just when I thought I was empty
you came and found a part of me to fill,
but the cure was not a tonic not a formula no pill. Mom said wait until your older, wait until you find true love.
tried to hid e me from dissapointment kept me sheltered like a dove.
* Its killing me to love,
its killing me to love,
just when I learned to breathe again its killing me to love*
I saw a shooting star and I called it by your name.
But just like all illusions it was just a small airplane.
and the clock ticks so slow whem I am waiting for your voice
but as some wise man said who you fall for is not a choice.
Mom said wait until your older, wait until you find true love.
tried to hide me from dissapointment kept me sheltered like a dove.
* Its killing me to love,
its killing me to love,
just when I learned to breathe again its killing me to love*
It starts over and over again thought maybe we could be
friends but you came with no guarentee what the hell is wrong w/ me?
Outta mind and outta site everything is alright the truth will set me free.

Is it a bird? Is it a chicken? No, it's Chick the hamster! Yes, a hamster who loves "Chicken Dance!" He'll put any wedding guest to shame when he starts moving to this favorite party tune! Get in line for this one!

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas--
Everybody's looking for something.

First draft for english essay due tomorrow! blah?

Imma give this one to Dennis. He deserves it.

I did not say anything about 9/11 for a reason people.

And btw, I havent had time to update this page cuz I have a million other things to do.

I don't wanna go I don't wanna go! This canít be happening to me! I canít believe this. Patrick is losing his computer installing job and hates it there anyways. Jennifer wants a bigger house, and things are much cheaper in New Mexico. Mother is upset at her work; the students arenít how they used to be. The only thing holding them back from moving now is me. Me and my high school. I don't want that kind of selfish act on me. Itís awful. I'm in a horrible situation. I told mom we can move if they want to. They are. Then I get to my room and the impact hits me. I wonít be here for the prom. I wonít walk to school every morning with Kim and Thomas. I wonít see Kw. I wonít get to be forced into splits for 5 minutes everyday by the dance teacher. I wonít get to walk home with John or Tim. I wonít get to play with Johnny. I wonít be able to see Kwís hair change color after color. No more Gaming with Mr. Dagel. No more Romantic Mikey or Never Serious Jose. They were very upset. I canít even imagine how AJ is gonna respond to this. I dread telling him. I just plain dread him. If I don't have a computer I will die. I mean, the only thing I don't have to worry about leaving is him. But I am afraid of losing him. I don't want to lose him. I don't wanna go. I don't wanna goÖ

I wonder what would happen if I looked like a fairy to everyone.

As surprising and odd as it sounds, Ive often asked myself this question. What if everyone thought I was a rare wonder, magical beyond belief. Would it be great? Or would I have to hide muself in fear od curious eyes and violent horid people who dont know how to treat truely delicate innocence. Or maybe I am a fairy in some peopleís eyes. Maybe my wings are my oprotunities in life, not yet spread. And who in their right mind said fairies have to be small? People have themselves so trained by the world these days. Blondes are dumb, skinny girls are best, and fairies are make-believe things with wings, no bigger than your thumb.

Phrase Of The Day: and stuff

Meaning: I cant remember exactly (or) I dont wanna tell ya

Song Of The Day:

~!~I wanna be a slut~!~
see that girl shes really cool
i bet shes fucked all the guys in school
what i wouldn't give for a life like that
but I'd give daddy a heart attack
*I wanna be a slut tonite
I'll be yours if you treat me right
I wanna be a slut tonite
I'll be yours if you touch me right**
so tired of being pure
wearing a chasity belt is such a bore
just one night i wanna be wild tonight
i'll be a real wild child
made out w/ a guy new years eve
proved to everyone I wasn't a tease
they all said I should feel like a whore
but baby I just want some more
How do you tell the girls from the boys
ones a stud and ones a whore
they want to burn us on a cross
just for one night of purity loss
but i say fuck that yer gonna please me
I'll offer no apologies

sweetness. Oh btw, I have so much homework this term I'll be updatin rarely now, lol. Be happy I had all summer to play.

Happy Days. I dont want summer to end.

Word Of The Day: Fluver

Meaning: Friend Lover... put together...Fluver

Odd enough... I liked it lol

Tried something new today... Imma "expand" my horizons with a taped up pencil tomorrow...... wish me luck.

My eyes are burning a narrow hole in the back of my own head as sharp pains run free along straight lines flowing through my veins. My lungs stop while my heart continues to beat painfully in my chest. The lack of air in my chest tries to push away the world, but my thumping heart wonít stop. It just wonít fucking stop. Making the memories of love, care, hate and distrust flow through my body sending terrifying shivers down my back. The pain swells and I lie still. Nothingness fades into blinding solitude and I am free.

Nobodys online tonight yet here I still am at 2 in the morning... I miss Kw.. Ed was fun today...Oh btw, Happy Birthday Ed.

Kimmie The Monkey.

btw, My cookie is taken.

Tha Amazing Kimmie! lol

Jose loves me.

My voice is NOT the voice of a 9 year old on the phone... I sound 10 and a half mind you.