Solo Shower

The soft black towel fell down my shoulders and slid to the white tiled floor beneath my bare feet. My long hair grew darker under the sudden water that poured softly down upon my smooth tanned body as I stepped from the cold tiled floor into the shower. Steam damped parts of my body that hadnít yet touched the water spray as I closed my eyes gently. I ran my fingers through my hair, lifting the long wet hair from my back. My arm movements above made my large firm breasts lift up and stick further out. The steamed-up hardened nipples grew even harder when I let my hair down and ran my fingers over them. I let my hands trail down my breasts, down and over my hips, and onto my thighs. I rubbed my hands from my firm thighs back over my hips, carefully up past my belly button ring, over my tummy. Leaning over slowly, I let the water pour down my back, flowing nicely between my legs. I moaned out freely as my small hands followed the waterís path into my drenched pussy lips. Thoughts of my comfortable bed made me shiver as I hurried out of the shower, where I could happily enjoy touching myself freely... all night long.