People Worth Adding To My Webthingy

Kelly (Nicknames: Kelly Willy, Kw, Koolaidehurts, Gurly. DW, Pinky, ...)
my love, muah muah I Wkhfrhweg you.
*Poor Peasant Boy Who Lives By Selling Snow Cones From His Little Cart On Wheels With A Dinging Bell*
Mike (Nicknames: Giant Lawn Gnown...)
Mike Mike Mike... so much to say so little words. Iím proud of us (More so me than you) and the goals we set for ourselves. That baby oil was a toughy but we pulled through! Watch out for little green men who dance and offer you leaves, and please try not to forget bout me when you go on to bigger and better things off at college. Remember... Betsy is watching.

*Online Dude That Can Never Make Up His Mind About Which Girls (Whom None Of Them He Has Ever Seen Ever (and a beer)) He Loves More*
Robert (Nicknames: Bobert, Tall Dude, That One Guy, No Not You Yeah You...)
nothin to say...I just wanted to keep him here cuz I like his title lol

*Guy From Gaming, Great Kisser*
Mikey (Nicknames: Babe, My Someone...)
You're my Someone. I would change ur title but thats the title I told ya I gave ya so ur stuck wit it. Not that ur ashamed. Anyways so yeah ur my lil email buddy and all and no matter how many times u try to fuck things up between us Im not gonna stop caring for ya cuz ur Mikey lol
*My Editor*
Dillon (Nicknames: Dilly, Lunch Box..)
Silly Willy Billy Dilly!!! Muah Muah Muah! I wuv yous sooo muchness!!! Kisses and Hugs! If you ever need a gal to go wit you into a chatroom and start shit, IM me!!!! Watch out for safety pins! Much love from ur Noodle Poodle!!!

*My Truth Or Dare Partner*
Alex (lol)
I miss you hella! Ur never online anymore, whats that all about? I listen to that song of ours, Had a Bad Day Again. I burned it onto a CD with my favorite songs on it. I miss you muchness, hopefully I'll c you soon!

*My Piercing Buddy*
Mario (Nicknames: Jay, Pussy Cat...)
Hahahahaha jelly beans rule. If you find anymore cool websites bout piercing lemme know. Keep me updated 99
*My Webthingy Watcher*
Mark (Nicknames: Pogi Samson)
I canít believe you STILL come to my webthingy. Youíre my longest fan! Checking it everyday is insane, almost as insane as me adding links and updating it everyday! I guess you'll be able to say "hey Iíve been going to that website since it was made! And theyíre just now locking her up for contorted thoughts and corrupted behavior?!" Maybe you'll even be the one to report me! But itís OK cuz ur the one that started internal hell! I got that name from you, you inspired me! So if I end up in the loony ben or a millionaire cuz of this webthingy, I'll owe it all to you! Isnít that a great feeling? :)
*Big Sock*
Socks (Nicknames: ...Socks)
Ode to the sock. MISTER Pea here. :: salut :: Good work Big Sock, good work.