For Those People Who Enjoy Pain...

I had been horny as hell all damn day. I couldn’t wait any longer for my boyfriend to come home from work. I wanted tonight to be really hot though, my pussy needed it badly. I walked across the bedroom to the dresser and pulled out my leather outfit. I tied myself into the leather corset and fitted on the attached leather thong. The outfit was too tight, it made me lightheaded and hurt a little. I enjoyed the painful feeling of the piece of leather string being pulled up my ass. Just to get into the mood I laid face down on the bed and spread my ass cheeks into the air. I used one hand to hold me up and the other to pull the thong further up my ass, god it felt so damn good.

I started rocking myself back and forth, pulling the thong tighter and tighter into my ass, making the leather cup my pussy harder, barely rubbing against my clit. I had to stop, I didn't want to cum until Bo got home. I left the thong pulled up my ass as I walked into the bathroom to get a hair tie. Just then I heard someone behind me and I smiled. Bo roughly grabbed me from behind and pulled me tight to him. The corset got even tighter in his grip, and the thong got pulled up even more.

“I want to be fucked really hard tonight Bo, please I really need-“

“Shut up bitch. I know what my slut needs.” Without looking at me he opened the shower door and threw me in. Somewhere along the way I dropped the hair tie. He turned on the hot water and jumped in with me, his clothes were already off. The scorching water was way too hot and I tried to grab the knob to turn it down. He forcefully smacked me, hitting my head against the side of the shower.

“You didn't ask permission. You need to be punished now.” I didn't have time to react; he used the leather strings on my corset to push me harder against the shower wall. He slid me down the wall onto the shower floor and smashed my mouth against his hard prick. I was in heaven as the thong gave me an unbearably sharp pain in my ass, like it was splitting me apart. I grinded down on it and opened my mouth inviting him in.

“Go faster bitch, I want you to throat me this time.” He didn't give me any time to prepare for his big dick as he shoved it way too far down my throat. I gagged and choked as he rammed it further and further inside me. I moaned, my eyes rolled back and I wanted to scream. I couldn’t breathe. He went even faster, I could feel his dick pounding. He pulled out and rammed it back in, even further. I had gotten a little air and was ready this time to use my throat to tighten around his dick. With the scorching hot water, his dick in my mouth, and the thong up my ass, I really needed to be fucked. Bo pulled his huge hard on out of my throat.

“Come on bitch, I’m going to fuck you now.”

He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of the bathroom. I was thrown into the dresser and my thong was pulled tighter, Bo continued to pull it, making the leather go into my pussy, separating my pussy lips. It hurt so much, I begged him to fuck me in the ass.

“Please Bo, fuck my ass! Please! God, it hurts!” the leather cut against my clit and I almost passed out. The next thing I knew Bo had me on the bed, my corset still tightly tied on but my thong was taken out of my ass and unhooked from the rest of my leather outfit. Bo had his belt positioned over my ass.

At first I was in so much pain I couldn’t see straight. The belt smacked my ass over and over again. I’m sure big red welts would be on my ass for weeks. He started aiming for my asshole and that’s when I lost control. It was wonderful! The pain and pleasure was so intense that I started to whimper and gasp.

“Does my dirty slut like that? How’s your cunt? Does your cunt want to be hit too? Turn over bitch, spread your legs wide.”

I turned over and screamed the first time he hit me with the belt. He first started hitting my soaking wett pussy lips but then he opened them up and held them open, whipping my clit hard with the belt. After while my whole bottom half was red with pain. He threw the belt aside and licked my red welts. I shivered as he fucked me with his tongue for a minute then moved up to force his tongue into my mouth. I could taste myself in his mouth. I screamed into his mouth when he started fisting me, all 5 fingers entered me at once. I felt stretched and it hurt like hell, but I met all his thrusts and begged for more. His hard-on needed attention, he pulled his hand out and shoved his dick inside. He quickly changed his mind and turned me over. He violently grabbed my dripping wet cunt and smeared the juices all over my ass and pussy lips. He shoved his dick inside without warning, hard and fast.

“Fuck my dick you stupid cunt.”

I loved it so much I couldn’t help shouting out "Uuggh, fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!!! MMMmmmyyyeeeesss!!!"

My ass was stretched beyond the limit, I didn't care, I wanted it deeper, I wanted it harder.

"Oh, it's so big!! Uugghh, it hurts! Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me!!" I yelled at him but he just slapped me across the face. He pulled my hair the faster he went. He rammed me harder and harder in the ass until we both came. I could feel how deep his dick was inside me as his cum flooded into me. I felt like a whore and I was I was sore everywhere. I was so weak I just lied there with him on top of me.