-AJ's Collection Of Quotes-

1. "Anything that doesnt kill you makes you a better person" -AJ's brother

2. "You are who you are and you can be no less" -Wizard's First Rule

3. "Do you know what a bumpkin is?" -Alex

4. "Never lie down in front of ur teacher and tell ur her u feel like jusy dying, she may think ur suicidal." -AJ

5. "Never under estmate the power of stupid people in large groups" -Bobert

6. "god made elks god made deers god made nysnc a bunch of queers" -PlysNaughty

7. "My ulterior motive is to get out of the house...and if bowling is the medium that I have to use, I'll hop on and ride" -TurismoABG

8. "I'm not sure which comes first, though - making lots of babies, lounge jazz, or benevolent drug cartells" -savage dan7

9. "If you think somethings dead poke it with a stick, it may not be" -AJ

10. "why can't the people in drama class be less dramatic.?" -MusicJewel

11. "to die, to sleep. to sleep parchance to dream. for in that sleep of death, what dreams may come?" -evil waffleboy

12. "The excolax is somewhere within us all" -Mikey

13. "He's as shallow as the drop of juice i spilled on the table today." -Kw

"Hey my mom said I was bad at doing tyow things at once. I told her I can jack off and watch porn at the same time. Shit, I cant do two things at once hell I cant." -Jose

"okie dokie smokie" -Kimmie