25 Year Old Man In A Yellow Bikini

He wasn't entirely sure if the tingly feeling in his balls and upper thighs were from arousal or poor circulation due to his two sizes too small bikini bottom. He jiggled this way and that as he swayed to Neal Diamond's "I've got the feeling.”He smashed his growing member even more inside its confined space. He humped the air as he walked, feeling the tight clothes pierce his skin. He did a half twirl towards the mirror and waddled up to it, the bikini tightening with every movement he made, and every inch he grew. His hands trailed up his hips and made their way to his chest. He poked and prodded his nipples, tightly bound by the yellow poke a dot bikini top. His body slumped forward in pleasure and his pulsing sex found itself pressing against the full length mirror. Glad for the opportunity and desperate for relief, he began to hump.

To Be Continued...

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