Cought In A Bathroom Stall

We were almost at the gym door. My whole body was shaking and I could feel myself getting wetter the closer we got to the deserted bathroom. Once we were out of site I took hold of her hand and lead her into one of the stalls. Our backpacks were tossed aside and she turned to lock the stall door behind us. I stepped up from behind her and started kissing up the back of her neck, my arms wrapped around her. She turned around to kiss me and I pushed her hard up against the stall door, attacking her tongue with my lips and her body with my hands. With my tongue deep in her mouth she ran her soft hands past my hips and up my shirt. Her hands held my waist tight so that my pelvis pushed firmly against her pussy. I licked down her chin and started sucking and biting her neck. I spread her legs with my thigh and she moaned out heavily as she started humping my leg. She grabbed my ass trying to get me closer and I got wetter. With both her hands massaging my butt I lifted one of my hands from her tummy to her left breast. Pinching and pulling on her bare nipple from underneath her shirt her breathing got louder and heaver. She humped my leg faster and harder. She was making all sorts of noises. My Care Bear underwear was soaked and I knew she could feel it as she reached from behind to stroke as much of my pussy as she could get to. My thin pants were damp where she ran her finger and that seemed to turn her on even more. She quickly rearranged her arm so she could reach further and she pushed at my wettness. I moaned, breathing hot moist air on her growing wet hickey under her collarbone sending shivers up her body.

“I want you.” She whispered into my ear as I fell against her, paralyzed by her warm touch. She licked up the side of my face and took a piece of my ear into her mouth and between her teeth. She bit down slowly and I gasped, her finger slipped easily from behind into my wett pussy lips. I jerked at the touch and my hand pushed up on her breast, where it had been laying. Her body slipped closer to mine and her legs tightened around my thigh, continuing to thrust in slow circles at her clit. The noises she made got louder. The bathroom door burst open at that open, she gave way a deep groan, and I fell hard against her as we both tried to keep quiet. I took the moment to compose myself and I slipped a few fingers into her and rubbed her while some other girl was in the next stall. Her eyes widened and she looked at me as if I were insane. Within seconds she went from humping my finger to cumming hard against my entire hand. The girl in the next stall realized she wasn’t alone when she heard the loud moan of my girlfriend who was shivering in organism.

“What the hell…?”