The Science Closet

“Today we discussed…” The science teacher’s voice disappeared as I looked over at my lab partner. My eyes lingered down to his hands, hands that have touched me in many different places before. My eyes trailed up his chest and back to his sincere lips. His smile, that I knew so very well, widened into a huge grin when he caught my eye. He reached over and snatched my little bag of gel pens off my desk. I watched him pull out a silver one, and set the bag down in front of him. He pulled the top off with his teeth, and reached down, grabbing my leg, bringing me closer.

I gave him a confused look as he grinned up at me. I smiled at his simple excitement, and pulled my skirt up a little, exposing all of my leg, and inner thigh. My nerves and inexperience swirled around my tummy. His eyes widened as I did this, a surprised look on his face showed me his inexperience, making me less afraid, knowing he didn’t know much more than I. His jacket hung between our desks, covering my leg from other’s wondering eyes. Holding my leg firmly in place with one hand, he started to slide the sliver pen even further up my skirt, watching my face for approval as he went. He started to draw something on the highest part of my inner thigh. The cold feeling felt surprisingly good. He continued to move the pen around in various ways as his other hand stated to move. He swirled his thumb around and around as high as he could get his hand to go without going under my cotton panties. I unknowingly spread my legs wider, moving my left leg further out towards him. He slid his hand up and down the front edge of the cotton. He raised his head toward me in a smile only he could give. His smile grew when he put a little more pressure with his hand, finding me wet. He put the cap on the pen, and traced what he had drawn with his finger. My thigh shook with anticipation and he smirked.

“Take a look.” He whispered, lifting my skirt up more to expose a thick little silver heart. He continued to trace it with his thumb, watching my face as he did so. My left leg tightened up and loosened every time he did this. I straighten it up so that my foot lay between his legs. My shoe lay aside, where he had placed it before I had moved my foot on his leg earlier, so my sock rubbed his thigh with our every movement. He leaned over slowly to place my pen back on my desk, and my foot slide nicely up into his crotch. He sat up, but positioned himself so that my foot stayed in place. I stretched my foot, rubbing the bulge in his pants. He moved his arm back up my leg running past my silver heart. His finger gently rubbed my innocent pussy lips from on top of the baby white cotton. My eyes closed, becoming lost in the feel of his touch. I could tell he was staring at me, deep within a sensual trance. His touch was like burning ice against my skin, although I knew we were both hot. Our nerves tested us with every move, seeing how far the other was willing to go.

"Riiiing" our deep trance was broken by the teacher rushing past us for the phone. His jacket fell from between us, and we were reminded of where we were. I swiftly pulled my skirt down and my partner in crime pulled his jacket over his intense hard on. As we broke out of our trance, we saw the teacher facing the opposite direction, talking rapidly on the phone. We looked at each other again, and then I glanced at the closet. Our eyes met again and instantly knew what we were both thinking. Reality wasn’t quite with us, as we somehow managed to slip past our science teacher into the materials closet…

Darkness over took us as he quickly closed the door behind us. I could feel my heart beating desperately up in my throat with the sound of the door closing, meaning we were alone for the moment, to do anything we wanted to. The closet was big, but we had little room to move with all the science equipment. He turned around and we both giggled devishly as he embraced me, pushing me up against the corner, hidden by shelves. His big hands, that only I was accustomed to, wandered up and down my body, making me shiver in places I’ve only felt with him near.

There was barely enough light to see a desk up against the wall. He sat down in it and pulled me close to him. His kisses became longer and wetter. He pulled me even closer and slid his hands up my leg and felt how wet I was. He moaned as I sucked on his neck and set me between his legs smashed up against his crouch. He slipped both hands up my shirt and I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I could feel the intensity of his want for me. He pulled my skirt up and my panties down, pulling me onto his lap slowly. As I got closer to his hard-on he wrapped his arms around my waist seeing what I’d do and how far I’d go. He felt the wetness and loved it. I smirked and pushed myself lower onto his lap to get him inside me. I gasped as I felt it slide in. My head swarmed with intense feelings of excitement, as was his. I moved slowly up and down at first, and then I began to get caught up in the intense harmony of our bodies being joined together. I pushed down even further, feeling something tear, but not paying much attention to it. It felt as if my brain had exploded as we both came together. I collapsed onto him and we sat there holding each other. We knew we had to go back out to class. So after our brief rest we got out and sat back at our desks and just sighed with joy. The teacher came back but we took no notice. We just stared at each other...