Ode To http://www.angelfire.com/droid/koolaidehurts/thingy/

Today, Thursday, November 06, 2003, a terrible thing happened. Angelfire made a stupid mistake and deleted something that they shouldnt have. Our good friend's blog was taken down today, and it made lots of people very sad, I sure was. I made this page in honor of that website. We are hoping that the email sent to angelfire in the blog's defense will somehow bring it back to us. It was a definate mistake, Angelfire thought that somehow the blog was violating Angelfire's Term of Service. When upon entering the URL now, this is what comes up:

The page you are attempting to access has been removed because it violated Angelfire's Term of Service.

Again, hopefully everything will get fixed and the blog will come back. If not, I am sure everyone will encourage the maker to recreate something like it. Not to replace it, but because this person's blog was so worth reading, we would all like something like that to continue to read.

UPDATE: Our most liked blog never did return, but something else was created for us all. Its a very happy thing that the creater was healed enough to continue blogging, we all hope she continues. Again, this is a very happy thing. Thank you.