Here is a good picture (if I do say so myself…) of Justo and Anel outside their home in New Mexico.

And here is Me hanging upside down on the bars at Justo’s work getting ready to play our “game.” Yeah thats Jonny's jacket.

And next is Us all playing our game! Throw that ball Anel! Justo won though, I was so close! All the girls were urging me on! Oh and I just love Justo's Beanie. I kept stealing it lol he got it in LA.

And here we are at Hooters! That’s right! My future job hehehe. Here is me and Justo in front of the building. Cool huh?

This was our waitress. Her name is Penni (pronounced Penny). She has the prettiest green eyes. And she was hella nice too! Look at the shorts and top they got to wear. Notice where my hand is lol.

This, my friends and everybody else in the world, is the best ice cream place in existence. Yeah that’s Mother leaning on the garbage can.

Here is our good friend Frank. He works at Scoopys (lucky bastard). He isn't as hott as The Hott Guy On Wheels over at Sonics. Unfortunatly (rather luckily for Frank over there) I don't have a picture of The Hott Guy On Wheels but someday I will.

Here is our good friend Frank again (he's in a lot of the Scoopy pictures so get used to his oh so friendly face). He's with our other good lady friend Bridget. Maybe I should hook em up? Hmm… oh! And I have to mention the bananas! theyre so.. yellow.

Yep Frank again. Only this time, its Frank and Me.

Nice old man (Imma guess thats his wife). He was trying to talk our good friend Frank into giving him a tour of the inside of Scoopys. Then once he was rejected after the 50 millionth time (Not sure if he was so old he had hearing problems or if he just didn't like Franks repetitive answer) he started talking about golf. Anyway that’s mother posing again the camera just loves her) and that’s Anel’s body not quite in the picture.

And here's The Family! Nice day. Our last day of vaca and they're just out there enjoying the Scoopy essence of life. Good times…

Oh? Were you wondering where I fit into that whole family picture? Well there I am, as far away as I could possibly get lol