Her bright emerald green eyes shifted to a deep midnight blue as her raw animal instincts took over, making her senses sharper than any elf. She kept still, watching everything in its place. To anyone who paid any close attention to this blissful creature, they would notice that she seemed to take everything in with not only her eyes, but her whole soul. Her black hair now reddened and you could see it shift to a dark blue, matching her dark stainless eyes. Her face remained expressionless, but her eyes were more than the windows to this girl’s soul. She seemed young, and she didn't look too wise, but there was something about her innocence that was enough to scare anyone. She seemed lost, aware, and yet wounded. She sat, and continued to walk around the room with her eyes. What was this girl thinking, as she quickly approved or disapproved of everyone in the bar? Nobody was certain, but nobody has the guts to go ask her. She sat alone in the corner.