Formal X-Mas Lists

Okay this is what everybody wants for Christmas. So if you have a friend and you dont know what to get them for Christmas... this page haw lots of ideas! Here is my simple list for those of you who arnt sure what to get me.

:: coughs :: Okay...
1. Some new blank CDs w/different thingys on them, like neato designs and stuff instead of those plain ol' color ones I always get.
2.Books! I love books but I dont like text books. Here is a list of the kinda books, just in case "books" is a lil too general for you.
>>>>>1)books you liked and want me to read, if you expect me to take you up on ur book refernece, chances are I wont read the reccamended book unless you put it in my backpack for me.
>>>>>2)books on witch craft. Those are my favorite kind. I do so enjoy those. If you are one who doesnt know what Im talking about, lemme help you. Books with spells in it, for home use of course. And uhh conspericys and what not.
>>>>>3) D&D BOOKS! oh how my collection grows! I dont have any of the 3rd addition so any Dungon and Dragon books are more than welcome. I already have a placed saved on my book shelf!
3.New stuff for my computer. That includes a computer cover that makes ur moniter look like a donkey..(other animals are okay) and uhh... cute mouse.. new programs (as long as ur willing to help me figure em out, intalling isnt a problem, its just that I am not going to sit here and read a 50 page manual on a new paint program, sorry but I do have a life.) :: coughs ::
4.If you are like my father, here are some stores Id accept gift certificates from: Hot Topics, Any Mall in general(New Park, Bayfair, Southland, The Great Mall...) Borders books (thats not high on my list cuz everythings really expensive there ya know), Toys "R" Us, Target, Or Wal Mart (I live there).
5.Candy (Nothing sour, and my favorites are toosie rolls)

Things NOT To Get Me:

sour candy, gift certificate to the movies, clothes you like or think would look nice on me(this one refers to adults, not my peers), calanders(unless there are dirty pictures), hair crap...uhh...mind went blank I'll add more later.............


-Me and Alana-

seXxy Noodle: 1. ant spray
seXxy Noodle: 2..?
elpunko23: 2. dog poop
elpunko23: 3. ?
seXxy Noodle: 3. a glitter thong
elpunko23: what??? lol
elpunko23: you can keep that
seXxy Noodle: lol 4..?
elpunko23: 4. a computer
elpunko23: 5...?
seXxy Noodle: 5. new cat toys for my new kittens
elpunko23: umm 6... a beatup bike
seXxy Noodle: 7. cat litter (its expensive ya know)
seXxy Noodle: 8..?
elpunko23: 8.. A NUCLEAR BOMB
seXxy Noodle: Just for the recond, what would u blow up?
elpunko23: uhhhhh a school somewhere
seXxy Noodle: 9. a toy train that really goes
elpunko23: lol
elpunko23: 10... a pair of sweaty shoes
seXxy Noodle: 11. a gun
elpunko23: 12... a four bedroom tent
seXxy Noodle: o yum!
seXxy Noodle: 13. a signed contract for year round gifts.
elpunko23: 14... a waterbed with a button to take off the cover thingy
seXxy Noodle: 15. a part time boyfriend
elpunko23: 16... an 800 foot swimming pool
seXxy Noodle: 17. a huge stario system
elpunko23: 18... a jackass
seXxy Noodle: 19. A few new bars and rings for my ear peircings and belly botton.
elpunko23: 20... socks 20 pairs
seXxy Noodle: 21. Toe socks 50 pairs
seXxy Noodle: rainbow colors :-)
seXxy Noodle: 22..?
elpunko23: 22.... 8 pairs or leather gloves all colors
seXxy Noodle: Not greedy eh?
elpunko23: nope
seXxy Noodle: 23. A pair of black leather pants
elpunko23: 24. ... .. .. .. . . . . .. a blink 174 sweatshirt
seXxy Noodle: 25. a cool new CD case
seXxy Noodle: 26....?
elpunko23: 26... a brand new rocking chair
seXxy Noodle: What color?
elpunko23: black n red
seXxy Noodle: very cool
elpunko23: 27?
seXxy Noodle: 27. A better painting, cutting, framing, and cropping program for my cam online.
elpunko23: 28... new towels for the shower
seXxy Noodle: 29. a bigger closet
elpunko23: 30... 48 new swimsuits
seXxy Noodle: lmao
seXxy Noodle: all the same color?
seXxy Noodle: that way u'll at least like one of em
seXxy Noodle: 31. a bike basket
elpunko23: 32...20 new tires
seXxy Noodle: 33. a free collection of playgirl magizines
elpunko23: 34.... my own skate shop
seXxy Noodle: ooooooo
seXxy Noodle: 35. an Ice cream truck!
elpunko23: 36... my own bank
seXxy Noodle: lol
seXxy Noodle: 37. my own animal shelter
elpunko23: 38... no headaches
seXxy Noodle: 39. snow in Hayward!
elpunko23: 40... new feet
seXxy Noodle: 41. shoppin spree at the Great Mall
elpunko23: 42... my own mall
seXxy Noodle: o woah
seXxy Noodle: lol
elpunko23: lol
seXxy Noodle: 43. cupons and co ownership to her mall
elpunko23: ha ha ha lol ok 44... a mansion
elpunko23: :-P
seXxy Noodle: 45. My own personal sex slave, (Preferably one of Santa's hot elves)
elpunko23: ha ha ha
elpunko23: a new dad
elpunko23: would be nice
elpunko23: hmmmmmmmmm
elpunko23: 46.. new parents
seXxy Noodle: lmao we went from elf sex slaves to new parents
seXxy Noodle: 47. Some of that hot stick gum
elpunko23: ha ha ha
elpunko23: ummm..then gum??? lol
elpunko23: ewww
seXxy Noodle: lol
elpunko23: anyways.. a pool full of jello... the red kind
elpunko23: no
elpunko23: wait...
seXxy Noodle: lol hard choices bein made here
elpunko23: 48... an 18 foot pool full of red and blue jello.... half red half blue
seXxy Noodle: nice very nice
seXxy Noodle: 49. a life time supply of skater dudes
elpunko23: he he he...
elpunko23: 50.. a ticket to get into heathers dreamworld...
elpunko23: with the skaterdudes
elpunko23: lol
seXxy Noodle: lmao
seXxy Noodle: its ok... everyone knows me there
seXxy Noodle: lol
seXxy Noodle: 51. my own tie die jet plane


seXxy Noodle: Im making a webpage wit people's x mas wishes. For the record, What do YOU want for X mas?
jayr8318637: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
seXxy Noodle: lol think real hard
seXxy Noodle: how bout he comes into the night on flying raindeers and peirces everything u want peirced for you?
jayr8318637: I wanna get: orbital, industrial, ear piercings, septum, vertical labret, lip rings, double belly button piercings, nipple rings
jayr8318637: :-D
seXxy Noodle: ok I shall tell santa.

-Mario's Friend-

seXxy Noodle: what do u want for x mas?
xXrAtEdAzNbOyXx: a dog
seXxy Noodle: anything else?
xXrAtEdAzNbOyXx: som cloths
seXxy Noodle: anything ilegal or bandage related?
xXrAtEdAzNbOyXx: nope
seXxy Noodle: okay thank you for ur time.
xXrAtEdAzNbOyXx: ur very welcome
seXxy Noodle: if the school gets blown up within the next 3 years, I shall know it was not you to thank.

seXxy Noodle: Im making a webpage wit people's x mas wishes. For the record, What do YOU want for X mas?
hyprofyl: hehehehe ... which one of my wishes do you want?
seXxy Noodle: Gemme a list baby
hyprofyl: i dunno ... actually ... lemme think about it ... i just had a bday, so i kinda dont want much seXxy Noodle: santa can bring u ANYTHING
hyprofyl: u?
hyprofyl: can he bring me u?
seXxy Noodle: You want me?
seXxy Noodle: lol
hyprofyl: sure why not
hyprofyl: :-P
seXxy Noodle: sure he'll wrap me up real nice and leave me under ur tree
hyprofyl: works for me
seXxy Noodle: good
seXxy Noodle: I'll tell Santa.

-President Of The Earth Club-

seXxy Noodle: Im making a webpage wit people's x mas wishes. For the record, What do YOU want for X mas?
Li TH iUM 02: a gibson les paul classic
seXxy Noodle: Okay I shall tell Santa
Li TH iUM 02: thanks, it a guitar by the way
seXxy Noodle: Im sure he'll understand

seXxy Noodle: Im making a webpage wit people's x mas wishes. For the record, What do YOU want for X mas?
Caradamerda: To see my girl.
seXxy Noodle: I shall let Santa know
Caradamerda: :-D