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India Safari

Both my husband and I were born in India but have lived in the U.S. for the last thirty years where we have raised our family and consider the U.S.home. As a family we have always been interested in wildlife. We have been on two safaris in Kenya and Tanzania and immensely enjoyed both and will definitely go back again. This year (2000/2001)we wanted to go somewhere different and started to plan a safari to India as early as February of 2000 for a trip in December 2000.

As has been our method, we started by looking into the Internet for possible information on Safari in India; to our dismay we found very little. A trip to India usually meant the Taj Mahal and other such historic or architectural sites. India is not part of the world safari circuit. We decide at that time,that if the trip ever materialized we would put our information in a website so that interested parties would have a background to base their planning on.

We started the task of looking for a reputable travel agent. This proved to be very difficult since the handful of agents specializing in Indian Wildlife Safaris, were very expensive and in our judgement, limited in scope. We finally located an agent based in New Delhi. They had E mail and were easy to correspond with. By the time we settled on an itinerary and price, it was October and then another month passed by becuase one of the lodges initially selected and paid for decided to cancel our resrvation at the 11th. hour, because another customer wanted to "book the whole place."

We chose our own itinerary, and selection of the game parks. The next few pages describe our experiences in detail. We hope it will help you plan for one and avoid the pitfalls to make it an enjoyable experience.



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