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We left Bandhavgarh at around 7:30 am, after a full breakfast provided by the ever attentive and efficient camp staff. The roads to Kanha was not much better than the roads to Bandhavgarh. The driver was not familiar with area and we lost about 2 hours due to this. It was quite an adventure when he followed some directions given to him by the villagers. Driving through some of the most spectacular village scenery in the heart of Madhya Pradesh that a tourist would not normally come across, offset the hardship. We drove through a swift river crossing, deeply rutted "roads" made by bullock carts through deep forests.

We arrived at The Royal Tiger Resort, Kanha, at around 3:00 pm. We had a packed lunch from Bandhavgarh at no extra cost and had nibbled on this enroute. The assistant manager Mr. Raj Singh and a beautiful young German Shepherd warmly greeted us. Raj offered us tea and coffee with snacks and sandwiches and made arrangements to go on the afternoon drive.

The afternoon drive took us through some very beautiful forest areas but not much wildlife sightings. After returning to the Lodge we went to the campfire and even though Raj greeted us warmly and introduced us to everybody gathered, everything went down hill from this point.

We met the Manager Mr. Navneet Singh and almost got my head bitten off when I asked if there was much poaching problem at Kanha. He got very defensive and brought up everything bad about the US but never answered my original question.We were served some great appetizers and later learnt that the only reason for this was the Inspector General of the State of MP was staying at the camp that night. On the days that there was no “VIP” guests we did not have any appetizers. Dinner was served in an open hallway/verandah and since the night were very chilly the food got cold quickly and eating was not a pleasant experience. The quantuty was also insufficient

Next morning was our first full drive. It was a very cold morning in Kanha and the open Jeep was very uncomfortable. Some of the jeeps had blankets but there was not enough to go around. Raj Singh was our guide this morning and he took some effort in showing us the different birds and animals in and around a beautiful pond. Unfortunately, the entire staff from the Lodge and specially Navneet Singh seems only to care about showing tigers.In fact, when we asked to slow down so we could enjoy the entire surroundings we again got scolded. His statement was, it is the tiger sightings that bring the revenue and he insinuated that we are also only pretending that we want to enjoy everything about the forest, but in reality it is only the tiger that we are after.

We found Mr. Navneet Singh's tone of voice was always very rough, lecturing and at times bordered on rudeness. We strongly suggest that if you stay at this place (which we do not recommend, by the way) to avoid taking Navneet as your guide and seek out Raj instead.

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