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Your face
is creepy,
inspite of
cute faces you're making

Your eyes
are cheaters,
like the words
you slide at me.

[8:10PM: EST]: I hope somebody seriously humbles her.
Eight Twenty, There's somebody, something's wrong with her
Like minutes, Like Hours, These words they are counting.
Is there anything perfect enough to enthrall you: like,
The epilogues that use to be about
every single
goddamn time
that I would end it with you.

My house, is empty, there's people outside
The sirens are drowning, all the music I am playing
But that's okay, because if you could hear it
you would probably hate it.
Your mouth
is awkward,
like when you kiss
the glass of a bottle.

Your talk
is empty,
Like when you kiss

This is really all you wanted.
This is all you ever wanted,
Details and Dialogue
about how much I think I hate you.

Details and Dialogue
so you can think that I love you,
These words, are empty,
Like the comments that you leave me.
There is no happy ending,
We'll be losing all our listeners.