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  15963 Marcella St., San Leandro, CA 94578 Tel. (510) 276-IBBC or 4222 email: Last Updated: Saturday, July 17, 2004


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Dr. Jose Hernes M. Abante
Senior Pastor

Rev. Julius Ducusin
Associate Pastor

Pr. Francis Salonga
Assistant Pastor

Pr. Mike Veloria
Pr. Zaldy Espinoza
Pr. Dodjie De Castro
Pr. Darwin Ilan
Pastoral Assistants

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IBBC Music Ministry

(under construction)

Side A: All things work together . Beneath the cross . Mary (instrumental) . A song of hope & praise . Like a raindrop

Side B: I will not fear . A child's heart (instrumental) . Near the cross . Love abounds (instrumental)