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Dr. Jose Hernes M. Abante
Senior Pastor

Rev. Julius Ducusin
Associate Pastor

Pr. Francis Salonga
Assistant Pastor

Pr. Mike Veloria
Pr. Zaldy Espinoza
Pr. Dodjie De Castro
Pr. Darwin Ilan
Pastoral Assistants

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IBBC Academy

(Mrs. Nancy Bico)

Philosophy and Mission

IBBA as an IBBC ministry acts as a delegated agent for the parents in the education of their children. It aids in the fulfillment of the education mandate to the church in the Scriptures. It aims to be an intricate part of the church ministry and its mission.


It is the purpose of the school to impart, inculcate, and develop within the student a view of the world events, history, geography, philosophy and sciences that reflect Biblical principle. Man's reasoning with its materialism, secularism, humanism, and atheism are rejected in favor of a Biblical worldview. 

IBBA aims to foster an instinctive, distinctly Christian lifestyle. By instinctive we mean reflexive, pre-chosen, pre-developed response. By distinctively Christian we mean that the separated style of life marks the student, faculty, and staff as Christian. The principle of separation, discipline, soul winning, compassion showing, and discipling of converts are stressed.

As IBBA carries and represents the name of our Creator and High standards are set and maintained at all cost, for they are chief cornerstones in laying the foundation of a Christian school.

Staff and Volunteers    
Dr. J. Hernes Abante Pastor/Administrator
Mrs. Nancy L. Bico Principal/Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Hannah Dela Cruz Grades 4 & 8 Adviser/Practical Arts Teacher
Ms. Helen Abante Grades 5 & 6 Adviser/English Teacher
Ms. Abiegail Dela Cruz Grades 1 & 2 Adviser/Science Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer De Castro Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Junell Ancheta Science Laboratory Teacher
Mrs. Hityltily Abante Secretary/Health & P.E. Teacher
Mrs. Rexella Salonga Music Teacher
Mrs. Nelly Maristella Bible Teacher
Mrs. Emerlinda Lacsina Practical Arts Teacher
Mr. Lito Mejia P.E. Teacher
Mrs. Beverly Martinez Financial Secretary
P.T.A Officers    
Mr. Dominador 'Gil' Bautista President
Mr. Richard Ilan Vice President
Mrs. Devorah Cape Secretary
Mrs. Girlie Fortuno Treasurer

IBBA'S 7th year of Perfection and Maturity

In 1996, International Bible Baptist Academy opened its door for the first time. The Lord called this Christian school into existence due to the great and persistent demand of church members who would like their children to be entrusted to Christian teachers and to be in the circle of Christian children.

Through the years, the Lord has richly blessed the ministry of IBBA. I believe that one of the reasons is the faithfulness of the administrators and the teachers to help in reaching students and parents for the Lord. This ministry had evidently produced eternal life and assurance of salvation in the hearts of may students and parents. The students whom God had dealt personally regarding their soul salvation are Katherine Arines, Carriza Espinoza, Joshua Abante, Kayla Cape, Rose Ann Ignacio, and five kindergarten students. The spiritual growth of our students is of primary concern to the pastor and the teachers. Students meet for devotion with me at the start of the day. A chapel period is scheduled every Wednesday during which the visiting pastors, some IBBC preachers, and our regular chapel minister, Ptr. Hernes Abante are privileged to deliver Bible messages to our students. Baptism is the first step of obedience students have done by faith. Students who have submitted their lives in this church ordinance are Andrew Mejia, Katherine Arines, Carriza Espinoza, Meghan Hoschar, Joshua Deanfipps, and Rose Ann Ignacio.

Teachers are God-called servants with a special are of service in the ministry of the church. Our school is greatly blessed with godly, dedicated staff. These are Christians who are separated from the world, surrendered their lives to the Lord for full time service, and are willing to comply to the Christian standards set forth in the ministry of the school. For three years in a row, Teachers Abiegail and Hannah Dela Cruz and Mrs. Jennifer De Castro have maintained their posts. Our faithful Music teacher, Mrs. Rexella Salonga, continues to faithfully offer and share her talent to the school. Mrs. Emerlinda Lacsina is another faithful volunteer teacher whose warm presence is always felt by all. Her skill is crocheting and her valuable time are shared to us every Friday. This year's faculty staff is joined in by Ms. Helen Abante whose expertise as an English teacher is truly a big advantage to the school. Our work force is also joined in by Mrs. Tily Abante who mans our office regularly as school secretary. Mr. Junell Ancheta is another volunteer teacher who answered God's call to help us out in teaching Science subject. He gives our students hands on experiences every Thursday from 9:00 to 11:45 am. Mrs. Nelly Maristela is another volunteer volunteer with a missionary heart who gives her time to teach Bible class from Wednesday to Friday.

God blessed the school with twenty-eight students at the start of the year. Three of these moved to other schools when their families relocated to other places. Daniel Dela Cruz, our former 9th grader transferred to a school in Panorama where he was given a California Scholastic Aptitude test (SAT) which he passed with flying colors. He got the highest grade of 96-100%, and was recommended for acceleration to the next grade level. While we can advertise our school in many ways to maintain a good enrollment, I believe that "word-of-mouth" by satisfied parents and our good products in terms of our students' accomplishments is one best way to promote our school.

The organized Parent Teacher Association (PTA) with Mr. Gil Bautista as president is a great blessing. With a regular monthly meeting, more fund-raising projects have been planned and carried out by the grace of God. This group had supported school filed trips by their presence, provided transportation and food, shouldered and transportation and food expenses of teachers to seminars and trainings.

The A Beka Curriculum is a Christian curriculum that our school has adapted for years now. It is a day-by-day curriculum which provides character building textbooks and materials. These materials teach personal initiative, patriotism, hard work, love of God, and other principles which help our school achieve our aims and objectives in the lives of our individual students. Not to forget, A Beka holds in-service trainings for all those who adapt the program. Out staff has attended some of these, namely "How to Handle Hard to Handle Students" conducted by Appelbaum Training Institute, two sessios of parenting class with Pastor Abante, "Educating the Heart and Mind" hosted by the Committee for Children, and the Pensacola Christian College's Principals and Supervisors Clinic in Florida this April, 2003.

The staff, parents, and students join hands and unite our hears in marching towards the year of victory as God prospers IBBA to maturity and perfection. To our spiritual leaders Pastor Hernes Abante, Pastor Julius Ducusin, Pastor Gilbert Villapa, and to the IBBC family, all praises and glory to God for the fifteen victorious and fruitful years He has blessed our church, outreaches, and ministries.