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Do it Yourself Hydroponic Systems




This is How I make a Bato Bucket.

1. Start with a 99 cent 3 gallon bucket from the Dollar Store.

2. Use a hole saw to make a 7/8 inch hole about 1 inch from the bottom.

3. Use the parts shown in the pictures below.

4. Screw it together using a gob of silicone sealer.

5. The male adaptor goes inside and the female adaptor goes outside.

6. Both Elbows point downward.

7. Wrap the inside drain elbow with landscape cloth for a filter.

8. Fill it with cypress mulch.

9. Plant it and connect it to the system.


Start with a male and female adaptor. Cut 1/2 the threads off the male adaptor or they won't screw together all the way to form the seal.

You will need the rest of the parts as shown. Cut the "V" shapes in the inside elbow drain so it can't plug.

It looks like this when finished.