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The games on...
Thursday, 13 May 2004
So I have placed him in check...lets see if he takes the bate ... then once again my heart shall bleed...

i hate love

Posted by journal2/hplsromantic at 12:03 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 14 April 2004
He sure doesnt have a full bag of marbels but...
Damn..The boy don't have much street smarts but he sure is fine. Ok..Here's the dish on the boy my boss was trying to hook me up with. His bday is tom. Hes the youngest in the family. He is a WaterPolo player...MMMMMM ABS....MMMMM....He is so cute and I have scored a "date" with him on Sat. night.. JESUS RULES!!!

Wow Im physically exhausted but mentally im on speed... im so excited...I have to be at work at 7 tom. :( long day i get off at 1

Sat I have a date Sat I have a date YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYA

Posted by journal2/hplsromantic at 10:43 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 13 April 2004
"She's the greatest thing since sliced bread"
Wow...Yeah I got a compliment from the most unexpected person in the world. I did an industrial video for Chick-fil-A, the guy Jeff that was the co-host for the vid. was talking to Tammi and trying to get the 411 about me. Funny thing is I said like 2 words to this guy...odd stuff.

I've been in a really good mood the past 4 hours...I took a 2 hour long bubble bath.. GAWD it felt so good just to relax.. I got a new shampoo and conditioner by John Frieda its called Brilliant Brunette. I loved his blonde line it actually workd really good for my we shall see when I straighten my hair tom.

The news on Kent...Found out that hes a junior...and he doesn't drive..and he is gorgeous..well always known that last bit of info but yeah...mmmm...I get to work with him tom. now hopefully he will ask me out for my bday..if not then i know things weren't meant to be btween him or I...hopefully they are though.

much love

Posted by journal2/hplsromantic at 9:32 PM PDT
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Monday, 12 April 2004
..The PFL...

My dearest friend from elementary school wants to initiate me into this "group" If that being the case..then why when he moved into kissing me and did he said that he just had to stop.

Funny funny stuff. I have been called a tease, pimptress..but I just know what looks to give and what to say without saying much of anything and well I get my way..this time I guess I have been rejected..Now rejection is a harsh word but..still a guy stopped kissing me and said he had to stop...Curious...

~*~*~*~Life~*~*~*~ tom. Im babysitting a 21/2 year old at Hollywood and Highland tom. WTH is there to do at H&H for a 2 yr old?

Posted by journal2/hplsromantic at 10:43 PM PDT
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Sunday, 11 April 2004
The thoughts and mysteries of life
I'm at a turning point once again in my life. I'm dating a guy who I feel is my best friend I do not think I have the thoughts or feelings of love in a marriage sort of way. I can not hurt him but I'm stuck hurting myself. No one knows that the two of us are seeing each other. Well, there is a 3,000 mile distance between us. How do I not hurt him?

I have feelings for a guy who works the night shift. The owner is trying to hook the two of us up. I wouldn't mind it because the guy is great from what I see. I don't know him very well but from what i see and hear from the owner he's fantastic.

How do u stay true to yourself in the madness of a world we live in?
Life is a game of chess...What piece do I move?

Posted by journal2/hplsromantic at 9:23 PM PDT
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