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Bunny Album

Welcome to Bunny Pics, the place to be to see us! (You do know that we have many hidden talents, don't you?) And what a better place to be than this to see them. If you keep scrolling down, you'll be sure to find out soon enough!


The cute brown and white seven month old heartthrob you are looking at is me, Freckles. I was adopted in August 2000 and brought home to impress three others. Boy, were they surprised! They can't get enought of me--I have to follow them around all of the time!


Hi, I'm Humphrey, a 10 month old female lop. I have some good photos to show you, so be sure to view them all. My favorite past time is lying down and relaxing on the floors, and I love getting yogurt drops for using the litter box. I have a pretty hard job at home involving it--I have to let my owners know that I use it. I am also a referee when Oola and Babs aren't geting along...being a bun is hard work!
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My name is Oola, and I'm an adorable nine month old lop. I'm scared of alot of things, so I like to keep the couch warm while everyone is busy playing. My favorite treats are yogurt drops--my reward for being litter trained--and I love any kind of food. I am very spoiled, too!
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I am Babs, a mixed lop (an "uppy-downy", as they call me). I was adopted back in July 2000, and we think I am about 10 months old. I love to be pet, but watch out because I do have my aggressive days! I have real fun chasing Oola around the house...until Humphrey comes in, though. When I get tired, I like to find somewhere comfy to sleep.
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