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A Repertory of Spirited Writings and Esteemed Literary Sources.


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"Miguel de Cervantes: ...When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Too much sanity may be madness! To surrender dreams---this may be madness; to seek treasure where there is only trash! And maddest of all---to see life as it is and not as it should be!"

- Man of La Mancha (1972).
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ARTICLE CATEGORY: Dreamscapes/Humor, Wit and Satire

Make Friends With Yourself! - by Helga Marion Ross
“Nightmares are often good news. Something repressed is coming into consciousness.
Means you’ve had a breakthrough when they wake you up.”

“Oh, really?” A breakthrough – Oh, my gawd! So that’s what you call it? Well, then, picture this:

Helga's Heartlines: A Journal
May 18, 2003.
Newmarket, Ontario.

“Good morning, Richard.”

(Richard is my e-mail pen pal and sometime armchair psychologist.)

“Guess what? I have good news! You can thank goodness, along with me, that today I woke up. If not, you wouldn’t be hearing from me - I almost had a heart attack! A rare occurrence from which I’m truly relieved to have bounced back -- A nightmare -- One so frightening it scared me half to death! Startled me out of a sound sleep.”

“Sounds good. Tell me more.”

“Is that all you have to say? You’re supposed to be my moral support!”

“Nightmares are often good news. Something repressed is coming into consciousness. Means you’ve had a breakthrough when they wake you up.”

“Oh, really?” A breakthrough – Oh, my gawd! So that’s what you call it? Well, then, picture this:

It seemed to be nighttime. I was in the dark. All I could see was a huge picture window, bathed in bright moonlight. As I stepped forward a big black bird approached. I saw a span of serrated wing tips heading my way – I took it for a marauding Crow. I must have known there was glass between us because I moved toward it for a closer look. Then I stopped in my tracks, aghast – the blackbird was not that. I could just make out the unmistakable ugliness of the hideous creature and flying mammal, a Bat!
I shrieked but did not jump back. In spite of my fear, I was frozen to the spot. It swooped toward me, looming large, many times my size; then, the final shock. Within the black-on-black shadowy image, successively revealed, the outlines of a humungous caliginous Man! This time I screamed and ran – as its arms reached out, lunged, and grabbed – “Someone’s out to get me!” I exclaimed – and, thank heavens, at once, woke up.

Well, Richard, what do you say to that?”

While I wait for his answer...by way of preamble, why don’t I fill you in? Here’s a bit of background behind my dream sequence that Richard is well aware of, and will enlighten you, too. Dreams are frequently triggered by unresolved issues and real life scenarios, so I might as well work on my own dream analysis, in anticipation of his, and help connect the likely associated dots.

You see, just days before, I had told Richard the latest local news: The first known case of West Nile Virus in Canada, a dead Crow, had landed in my very neighborhood, within walking distance of my doorstep. Of late, what with the SARS Scare, I was already lying pretty low and sticking close to home. What, now? Was no where safe to go? I lamented with Richard at length about my predicament. That while I’m free as a bird, technically speaking, I daren’t venture far afield as would have been my wont. My wanderlust and adventure seeking have been effectively indefinitely forestalled.

In light of these twin health hazards naturally much media time and attention has been devoted to such. I happened to channel-flip to a news segment that featured the merits of fostering and putting up housing for Bats for a war on mosquitoes. What a great idea. Bats have been given a bad rap. Apparently the little fellows eat between 600 and 1000 of the pesky insects per hour! I was intrigued, if a little repulsed. Yes, lets let Mother Nature help so we don’t pollute ourselves while we strive in order to thrive.

Crows—Bats --- I see a connection.
What about the Man?

Hmmmmm. I had engaged in group debate recently, where preferred fighting styles came up. I declared my favored form – “the iron fist in the velvet glove” and “walk softly but carry a big stick” approach, but with sharp words, rather than lethal weapons – and only when extremely necessary. I also ‘bragged’ that this had been most effective when resorted to - all true - on such rare occasions. “I’m like those wild creatures that puff themselves up to twice their size and make such frightful noise as to scare off all contenders without having to fight.” Truth to tell, I wondered secretly if I wasn’t kidding myself. Who’s to say what I’d do in seriously threatening situations?

Here comes Richard!

“Helga has a rescuer from her fears -- Batman!
Give him a big kiss.
If you dream of a spider, give it some milk and it will change into a friendly archetype, like a fairy godmother.

Bats make you afraid but you also know that they will not harm you and they can rescue you from mosquitoes. A Bat symbolizes the solution to your problems, the way out of your fear.
The picture window is your link to the outside world, a kind of voyeuristic reality or virtual reality, since looking outside is not the same as being outside, while inside you feel trapped and fearful. Your fear gets in the way of solving your problems. Your association, “Batman”, confirms this symbolism, since Batman rescues people.
Batman is part of you, since it’s your dream. Batman is an alienated power of Helga that you need to own, reclaim and make part of yourself. Make friends with alienated parts of the self and they will help you, and add to your strength and power instead of making you afraid.

Make friends with yourself!

Time to stop scaring yourself and start rescuing yourself!”

“Wow! I’ve always had trouble seizing onto the concept that all aspects of the dream are Me....I’m conscious only of myself as the spectator observer. So, if this is true as dream experts say it is, then I have some awesome and scary powers! Bats are frighteningly ugly up close, with unpredictable swoop and amazing mosquito-killer capacity. Bats help rid the earth of vermin. They affright most people.
Batman – my alter ego and inner invisible man is a hero who rescues me and those I favor and fights against evil!”

What can I say?

“Thank you, Richard!”


Post Script:

Let it be known I employed a little dramatic licence. Richard has asked me to remind you that he "would never say "Good!" It's very incompetent to confront rather than "pace" the dreamer. Pacing is the competent way to begin; confrontation is incompetent and I would never do that, no competent therapist would."

~ Helga Marion Ross ~

Copyright 2003

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