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Welcome to Everlasting Acres the home of all my Model Horses :) The beautiful Appaloosa stallion you see here is Bold Impression and was custom painted for me by Neena Bickram of Whismy Stables and founder of the Grand Champions ID Site. I've got a gallery of all the GC's, Breyers, PSAs, and other models that I currently have and a wish list of ones that I dont have but would love to add to my collection. If anyone has some they would like to sell (or GC bio cards, I need ALOT of those) please contact me :) I've also got a small for sale section, as of right now there are not going to be many horses in there cuz I only have a few doubles or horses I'm willing to trade/sell, but as I buy more off ebay or where ever im sure I will have more to add there :)

Al Sharif Amir

New pics posted ofKnightly Cadence Resin, Goldenbloom, Caroseul, Top Hat, cm Stablemates, and more!

Current Amount Of GC's :297
With 0 On Their Way Here

Current Amount Of Resin's or Original Artist Pieces :4
With 0 On Their Way Here

Current Amount Of Breyer's :158
With 6 On Their Way Here

Current Amount Of Peter Stone's :10
With 2 On Their Way Here

Current Amount Of China's :12
With 0 On Their Way Here

Current Amount Of Other Models's :38
With 0 On Their Way Here

*~*~Gallery of My Grand Champions~*~*

*~*~Gallery of My Original Artist Peices~*~*

*~*~Gallery of My Peter Stones~*~*

*~*~Gallery of My Breyers~*~*

*~*~Gallery of My China Models~*~*

*~*~Gallery of Other Model Horses~*~*

*~*~Pics of My Photo Show Winners~*~*

*~*~My Want Lists~*~*

*~*~For Sale~*~*

*~*~Links to More GC Sites~*~*

*~*~Go To Kristin's Place~*~*

And here is a picture of ME! The owner of Everlasting Acres :) And below my picture are current pictures of how my horses are all being displayed around my room (yup, all of them are in my ROOM :P )

On the top is two shelves that I had to put up due to a lack of room everywhere else, and on the bottom is two more shelves that had to be put up once i filled the shelves on the top :P

Several models on my desk

Here are shelves next to my closet that are 3 rows of models deep.

Here are the two shelves above my closet which are 2 rows of GC's deep each.

Here is my nice new bookcase :).

And horses on my dresser and end table :)

If you have and questions or comments feel free to send me and email (at the link below NOT my msn email which I do not check) or find me on MSN ( or Yahoo (everlasting0303)

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Last updated on : January 12, 2007

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